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Queen Elizabeth II – The Journey of The World’s Lengthiest and Oldest Serving Overlord

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“I announce in front of everyone that my entire life, whether it be prolong or little, shall be committed to your assistance and to the assistance of our aristocratic family to which we all belong.”

Yes, these are words of Queen Elizabeth II when she was taking the pledge to rule Britain. She was the world’s oldest reigning monarch.

Born as a Princess

Born on April 21, 1926, in London, United Kingdom, she was the first and the eldest daughter of the Prince and Princess of York. Her full name was Elizabeth Alexandra Mary. 

She was home-schooled since her childhood. Her mother used to supervise her education by entrusting her to a governess

She was a corgi lover.

Young Elizabeth had very little interest in acceding the throne.

During World War II, Elizabeth and her sister, Margaret Rose used to spend most of their time in Balmoral Castle, Scotland, and at the Royal Lodge, Windsor, and Windsor Castle, away from their home and parents.

In 1945, she also joined the British army as a mechanic.

From Princess to Queen

She became the queen of the British on February 6, 1952. However, this was taking the pace since her childhood.

When her father became the king with the abdication of her uncle Edward VIII, she was the first to be in the line to the throne. Thus, she was heavily involved in fulfilling public duties as her father made her the heir to the throne.

However, she was fulfilling the duties when her father was facing serious health issues making her represent him on several occasions.

Following the death of her father, she took on the responsibilities of being the monarch and held her first state beginning of Parliament on November 4, 1952. She was coronated on June 2, 1953. 

During her first six months of reign, she made a world tour along with her husband after which this journey continued.

But not everything was going smoothly.

The year 1992 was marked as a year when the royal family faced a lot of problems. 

Some of them were,

  • The separation of Prince and Princesses, especially that of Prince Charles and Princess Diana decreased people’s support for the royal family.
  • The recession of the economy 
  • Resentment over the lifestyle of the royal family
  • High criticism during the death of Princess Diana

In 2011, she surpassed George III by becoming the second longest-serving ruler in the history of British empire.

Further in 2015, she also surpassed Queen Victoria and became the longest-serving monarch in the history of British empire.

She remained on her throne till September 8, 2022, when she took her last breath in Balmoral Castle, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. 

Other than ruling the throne, she also knew how a modern monarchy works. She televised the domestic life of the royal family in 1970. She also took interest in the government business and was well-informed about it. 

Queen Elizabeth Personal Life

At the age of 13, she met her later spouse, Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark when she visited South Africa with her parents and they got wedded on November 20, 1947. 

Further during 1948, she gave birth to their first child Prince Charles, and also gave birth to three more children namely Anne, Andrew, and Edward in the following years.

Queen Elizabeth Age

Name Queen Elizabeth II
Born April 21, 1926, London, England
Died September 8, 2022, 

Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Dynasty House of Windsor
Duration of Reign February 6, 1952- September 8, 2022

After ruling the throne of Britain for 70 years, Queen Elizabeth age was 96 when she passed away.

She experienced the after-war severity, the passage of a kingdom to a commonwealth, the decline of the Cold War era, and the arrival and way-out of the United Kingdom from the European Union.

She was that queen who will always remain in the heart of the people and will always be remembered as Queen Elizabeth II.

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