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Path of Exile with Awesome Tattoo Ideas

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Path of Exile is one of the most popular free-to-play action RPGs, known for its dark gritty gameplay, extensive skill tree, and deep character customization. Many fans choose to show their love for PoE by getting amazing Path of Exile-themed tattoos. Here are some of the best PoE tattoos out there to inspire your own ink.

Path of Exile with Awesome Tattoo Ideas

Path of Exile with Awesome Tattoo Ideas

PoE Class Symbols

Get a tattoo showcasing your favorite PoE class. The iconic symbols representing the Witch, Shadow, Ranger, Duelist, Templar, Marauder, and Scion are all excellent tattoo choices. They are easily recognized designs that clearly display your PoE fandom. This grim-looking Witch class symbol tattoo has excellent line work and shading. The circular border and background fill help the design pop. It’s an elegant forearm tattoo for any PoE Witch main.For Ranger loyalists, this Ranger class tattoo beautifully captures the winged hood emblem. Etching it over the wrist makes for a more understated option compared to the forearm. The clean black line work keeps the tattoo legible.

Signature PoE Skills

Immortalize your favorite PoE skill gems by getting their iconography as a tattoo. Some of the most iconic attack and spell gems like Glacial Cascade, Blade Vortex, and Summon Raging Spirits have distinctive looks perfect for ink.The Summon Raging Spirits gem has some of the coolest art in PoE.  This vivid summoner tattoo brings the flaming skulls to life with excellent color and shading. It will definitely spark conversation about your love for raising the dead.For those who love unleashing a spinning fury upon their foes, this Blade Vortex tattoo beautifully captures the essence of the skill. The silhouette effect and purple coloring are spot on. It’s a more understated bicep tattoo choice.

PoE Art and Assets

Some fans choose to tattoo various armor, weapons, monsters, and other art directly from PoE. This option lets you customize based on your specific interests in the game.This tattoo recreates the art for The Porcupine divination card down to every detail. Fans of farming 6-link short bows through Humility cards will instantly recognize and appreciate this well-executed tattoo choice. The Map Device is core to PoE’s end-game mapping, so what better way to commemorate your journey to the Atlas’ end than a Map Device tattoo? This one looks practically traced from the game with its stygian black portal and map insertion.

Stylized PoE Tattoos

Some of the best PoE tattoos use the game’s imagery as inspiration for completely original stylized designs. This allows for more custom personal expression in your Path of Exile ink. This forearm piece features a dark wanderer with PoE motifs like the exile’s red shroud. The flowing ribbion and flowers add some personal flair. The skulls cradling the wanderer evoke the gritty burdened life of an exile. For something more light-hearted, this cartoon-stylized tattoo turns the Scion into a cute anime heroine straight out of Wraeclast. The vibrant colors and dynamic flowing ribbons are sure to catch the eye.

PoE Quotes and Text

Some fans choose to get favorite PoE quotes or text tattooed. This allows expressing your fandom while also promoting a mantra or philosophy you value from the game. This forearm script elegantly displays one of the best-known PoE quotes: “No matter how brightly the sun may shine, casts a shadow.” It’s a great pick for fans who connect with the game’s dark tone and nuanced morals. This intricate back tattoo recreates ornate manuscript text with key iconography like gems, maps, and the exile. The flowing calligraphy of “Path of Exile” has an elegant mystical look.

Integrating PoE with Other Tattoos

Dedicated PoE fans with sleeves or large tattoos can integrate Path of Exile ink within their overall work. This seamlessly blends your love for PoE with other meaningful tattoos. This exile sports an entire PoE sleeve featuring the Witch, Shadow, Templar, and Scion classes. The PoE elements flawlessly blend together with the other horror themes in this dark tattoo compilation. In this full back tattoo, the flowing PoE manuscript quote integrates beautifully into the larger Samurai versus Oni-themed work. This is a great example of seamlessly mixing gaming with other personal tattoo themes.

PoE Loot Tattoos

  • What better way to commemorate your endless grind for loot than tattooing some of PoE’s most prized items? These fans paid tribute to fortunes gained from mapping and boss runs.
  • This forearm Mirror of Kalandra tattoo immortalizes one of the rarest and most valuable PoE currency items. The intricate ornamental frame elevates it from a simple icon to an awe-inspiring tattoo centerpiece.
  • The Headhunter belt remains one of the most chased unique items for min-maxing characters. This tattoo captures its iconic look in stunning detail – a reminder of glorious rampage-buffed mapping.
  • With these tattoo ideas, you can proudly display your Path of Exile passion. Consider your favorite class, skill, quote, or loot when planning your own PoE-themed ink. And don’t forget to pick up some POE Currency and POE Items to celebrate acquiring your new tattoo!

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