Off Roading in San Antonio

Off Roading in San Antonio: Best Places for 4X4 Pickup

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Off Roading in San Antonio Best Places for 4X4 Pickup: For many, the San Antonio River Walk, The Alamo, and Six Flags Fiesta are the highlights of visiting or living in Texas Hill Country. For others, however, it’s the landscape and the challenges it promises that convince them to stay awhile.

Whether you hail from the Great State of Texas or you’re just passing through, and whether you ride the trails regularly or you’ve never set foot in an ATV in your life, it’s worth your while to check out these four popular off-roading riding destinations.

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Hidden Falls Adventure Park

As its name implies, Hidden Falls Adventure Park offers a feast for the eyes and fiesta for the tires. As you ride through this hidden gem, you’ll be privy to beautiful scenic views and varied terrain.

One minute you’ll be traversing through a mixture of grass and dirt and the next you’ll be climbing rocky formations. If you happen across the area and don’t have your rig with you, you can always rent one from the park’s ATV rental service.

Be warned, however, that the prices are a bit steep. If you ride all day and want to retire in the park’s secluded environment, feel free to pitch a tent.

General Sam’s ATV & Off-Road Park

General Sam’s is in no way a natural park like Hidden Falls Adventure Park is, but it is fun. This park features trails of straight mud and allows ATVs, UTVs, 4x4s and trucks alike to rev up their engines and get wild.

Though all who patron this Huntsville Park leave with a newfound appreciation for manmade trails, if you don’t like to get dirty, this place isn’t for you. Expect to find mud in all your rig’s cracks and crevices, and don’t plan on ever wearing the clothes you rode in again.

Extreme Off-Road Park and Beach

This park is a well-known and well-loved site for off-roaders throughout the area, so if you’re looking for a more secluded ride, this Crosby gem isn’t for you.

However, if you want to socialize with like minds, compete with the best of them and put your skills to the test, plan a day at this mud-laden playground.

After you’re done showing off your handling skills and parading your rig around, set up shop for the night to fish, camp and just enjoy the company of others who prefer the roar of a powerful engine over the serenity of a silent campsite.

Creekside Offroad Ranch

Creekside Offroad Ranch is not for the faint of heart — in fact, before you head to this Adventureland, shop truck parts San Antonio to pick up a winch for when things get sticky.

The planners of this ranch designed its layout in order that if you do not grind to a halt, you are not attempting. They also recommend newbies steer clear of certain areas, as they’re less forgiving than others.

As with Hidden Falls Adventure Park and Extreme Off-Road Park and Beach, Creekside encourages visitors to pitch a tent come nightfall and socialize with other riders.

The site also boasts RV sites with electrical hooks ups and clean water, for those who take their travels a little more seriously.

Of course, before you head to San Antonio for a bit of outdoor fun, you want to make sure your rig is ready. Shop for everything from rims for trucks to winches for ATVs to soft tops for Jeeps online.

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