Most popular Online Slots in 2020

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The demand for slots has grown at an unprecedented rate lately. This is in part due to the adoption of virtual reality. It is now possible to enter the casino world online. This has ensured that it is now much easier to access slots – know more about Totem Lightning RTP.

They’re basic and short games that make them appeal to a strong demographic audience. Growth of mobile slots has been high, and currently, it is still increasing. The popularity of slot machines has only seen a spike in 2020. Here’s a list of 2020’s greatest online slots to enjoy.


A well-known and firm favourite among avid casino gamers. Starburst is one of the most popular slots in 2020. Immersive and colourful visuals are one feature that makes mobile slots so successful. Starburst delivers this. An enjoyable and exciting mobile slot, Starburst is indeed a perfect example of a popular online slot. This smartphone slot has been and still is highly regarded with extra spins and possibilities for bonus rewards. This slot is impossible not to enjoy, with shiny icons and clear script.

Tomb raider slot

A feature that is becoming increasingly popular in the casino industry is the themed slots. Gamers are loving slots that depict their favourite TV shows and films. Tomb raider is iconic in the entertainment industry. From its award-winning films to retro video games. It is a hit because of the thrill and suspense mixed with historical mysteries and myths and legends. Gamers now have the ability to harness their hidden Lara Croft and discover their own riches. This online slot even includes a trial mode for free play. This provides the ability for gamers to practise the slot before contributing to withdrawing cash. This is a popular feature of online slots that significantly attracts players.

Mega Moolah

In the online casino culture, Mega Moolah has a legendary status. It has created multiple millionaires with its bonus game for slot machines. There are fantastic graphics in the animal-themed slot, which are very vibrant. The jackpot bonus, which can be activated automatically with each spin, is the key appeal of the slot. The bonus game immediately unlocks and effectively encourages you to win one of many potential jackpots. There is an opportunity for free spins to be one as well. The hope and possibility of triggering the bonus round between casino slot gamers make this slot fun and irresistible.

Increasing popularity

Slots have been successful since they were first introduced, and their success has only risen. With so many varied themes and styles, there is a slot to suit everyone’s gambling requirements. Popular online slots usually find their fame due to large jackpots, high RTPs or additional bonus offers.

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