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MC Stan is one of the popular hip-hop as well as artists from Pune, Maharashtra. The real name of MC Stan is Altaf Shaikh who was born on 30th August 1999. He is considered as the most controversial rapper in both the Indian Rap music scene and the Desi Hip-Hop scene. The first debut of Stan was “Wata” in 2018. After releasing his debut, he has been in the loop to keep releasing his hits. Recently he has released his single named “Shana Bann” which is ruling the Indian Rap music charts. The famous rapper from Pune has numerous songs to his credit. 


NameMC Stan
Real nameAltaf Shaikh
Height5 Feet 7 inches
Weight65 kg
Birthday30th August 1999
Birth placePune, Maharashtra
Eye colourBlack
Shoe size8 Inches
ProfessionRapper and Singer
Net worth$10 Million


He was born on 30th August 1999 and he is celebrated every year his Birthday on 30th August. He is 23 year and Eleven year old as of July 2023.

Physical Stat

Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack


He is 23 year and Eleven year old as of July 2023.

Age23 years


Height in Feet5 feet 7 inches
Height in Centimeter171 cm
Height in Meters1.71 m


Weight in Kilogram65 kg
Weight in Pound143 Ibs


The famous rapper MC Stan began his career when he was in school. He made his career before finishing his education. He made more than 2.81 million subscribers on his YouTube account.  He is a byproduct as well as a pioneer.

He was raised in a middle-class family who had a low income. After raising in a low-income family, he achieved success as a rapper as he worked hard and he was also committed to his career. Stan is successful to make an amazing life for himself.


MC Stan Career– Rapper Stan is famous as he dominates the internet with his amazing rhymes. He has made huge followers on YouTube. There are more than 225 thousand subscribers on his YouTube.

Soon, he will be seen performing in movies. He raps in Hindi and he has his own rapping style. Rapper he is famous as he stands out from the crowd using various musical genres as well as raps in the Hindi language.

He does not consider himself as a rapper rather he considers himself as an emcee who commands the mic. According to this famous rapper, he started listening to rap music when he was in sixth grade. But at that time, he did not understand English.

He began to comprehend English rap music after being registered in English classes. He began rap when he was in eighth grade. After releasing the song Wata in 2018, he started gaining success. One of his songs named Khuja Mat has received more than 35 million views on YouTube.

After releasing Wata and Khuja Mat, many people loved his songs and became the fans of him. After publishing songs like Aastaghfirullah, He started gaining support. Presently He has a big fan base in India and Pakistan as well.

Rapper MC Stan believes that the song Aastaghfirullah turned his image to evolve. One of the famous Indian rappers Raftaar refers to Altaf Shaikh in his song “Proud.” According to rapper Raftaar, He is the hero of Indian hip-hop. And a lot of Indian Rappers agree with him. There are 1.9 million followers of MC Stan on Instagram.

MC Stan Photos’s

MC Stan Photo

MC Stan Image

MC Stan Bigg Boss Photo

Social Media

The popular rapper from Pune name Stan is active on social media as he has huge followers on Social Media.

KulFiyMC StanVisit
Instagram10.7M FollowersVisit
Facebook133K FollowersVisit
Twitter149.8K FollowersVisit
LinkedInMC StanVisit
YouTube8.7M Subscriber Visit
IMBDMC StanVisit
Pinterest MC StanVisit

Family Personal Life

He was born on August 30th 1999 in Pune, Maharashtra. According to the year, He is 23 years old and his zodiac sign is Virgo. Stan was raised near Tadiwala Road in Pune.

Though the parents’ names of stan are unknown, but this is true that he has a supportive family, as well as he, is very grateful to them for supporting him in good and bad times to become a popular Rapper. He is one of the self-employed Indian rappers in the hip-hop industry as well as emcee.


MC Stan Girlfriend Niya

When it comes to the girlfriend of MC Stan, Niya has been seen in many videos which were previously released. According to the report, Niya was the girlfriend of MC Stan.

There is no confusion about the relationship between Stan and Niya. Niya was also seen in the song of Stan named “Khuja Mat.” Niya is also a Rapper from Pune and presently she resides in Mumbai. Along with rapping, Niya Surve is a music composer and a businesswoman who is better known as “NIYA LOVE.”

Niya was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra in a Hindu family. Mainly she is a rapper of Hindi, English, Punjabi, and Marathi. The reason for starting the rapping is to bring about change. Stan’s past girlfriend Niya is the proprietor as well as the founder of the production firm HIGHGANG.

Niya is famous because she of 1st female rapper in the Marathi language. Though there is an argument because Niya does not consider herself as a rapper. According to Niya, she only makes hip-hop music.

Stan also dated Auzma Shaikh who is also a well-known rapper. But the rapper MC Stan and Auzma Shaikh get separated after dating for a long time. Rapper Auzma Shaikh previously shared her address and MC Stan’s address as well on social media after their breakup.

Police looked into the matter after getting a complaint against rapper MC Stan that his ex-girlfriend filed. According to Auzma Shaikh, Stan sent his manager to attack her.

After getting the complaint against MC Stan, the police started their investigation. The management of Stan and his two friends is investigated. Auzma Shaikh is a resident of J B Nagar in Andheri East.

Auzma Shaikh and Stan began to date each other in November and the duo broke up last month. After the breakup, Stan, shared the house location of his ex-girlfriend rapper Auzma Shaikh on social media.

As Stan has huge followers on social media, many of his fans stated visiting her home after getting the house location of Auzma Shaikh and many started throwing rape threats to her.  

Bigg Boss Season 16

MC Stan in Bigg Boss Season 16:- The famous rapper MC Stan participated in Bigg Boss 16. Salman Khan applauded him after listening to his difficult road to becoming stardom. At the premiere of Bigg Boss, MC Stan made crazy admissions regarding his name, family, and girlfriends as well.

Salman Khan stated that MC Stan is a Bigg Boss 16 participant.  After debuting the most popular show Bigg Boss 16, the producers of the show decided to include him to add a hip-hop flavor to the show. He introduced himself as a “Basti ka hasti.”

The famous Bollywood actor Salman Khan expressed his happiness when he met MC Stan. And the actor said that he had never come across a person like him. A lot of famous individuals have consented to compete in the game as participants.

He took part in the game of Big Boss season 16. he states to be like a brother of Bigg Boss who corrects by saying he is the boss. He was seen at the Bigg Boss 16 premiere with a pair of shoes and a neckpiece that together cost between 60 and 70 lakhs. The plans for MC Stan’s shows have been disclosed. 

Kapil Sharma Show

MC Stan appeared in Kapil Sharma show as a guest. Before screening the show, Kapil Sharma shared a video clip with the rap.

80 Hazarke Sneakers

From August 2021, He came in a live video and he showed his shoes and said “80 Hazzar Ke Shoes hai, Assi Hazaar Ka,” The video went viral.

Songs List

You can find MC Stan all song download mp3 option on any web browser.

Song nameYear
Khuja Mat2019
Yede Ki Chadar2019
Ek Din Pyaar2020
MC Stan Type Beat2020
Hosh Mai Aa2020
Broke Is A Joke2021
Inn Log Ne Maare2021
I’m Done2021
Kahan Par Hai2021
How to hate2022
Fuckk love2022
Basti Ka Hasti2022
Shana Bann2022
Kal Hai Mera Show2022
Maa Baap2022
One Day Uh Gonna Pay2022
Nusta Paisa2023

Web Series

The popular rapper MC Stan released many videos and people loved him because of his talent. He appeared in several shows but he was not seen in any web series.

Net worth

Net worth is nothing is but the sum of assets of an entity, whereas assets contain money, property and other value of anything. Within a short time, He gained popularity and became a famous Rapper, also he earned a lot of money. According to the report, His estimated his net worth more than $10 million in US dollars.

MC Stan Net Worth 2023$10 million Approx.
Net worth 2022$8 million Approx.
Net worth 2021$6.7 million Approx.
Net worth 2020$3.9 million Approx.
Net worth 2019$2.6 million Approx.


After releasing the song “Samajh Mein Aaya Kya”, the famous rapper Emiway Bantai made fun of rapper he is from Pune and Raftaar. As a response, He released his other music named “Khuja Mat.” This song helped him to gain more popularity. Many of MC Stan’s fans responded positively to this song.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is MC Stan?

Ans: MC Stan is famous hip-hop as well as artist from Pune, Maharashtra. The actual name of his is Altaf Shaikh. This famous rapper was born on 30th August 1999. He is considered as the most controversial rapper in the Indian Rap music scene and the Desi Hip-Hop scene as well.

Who is MC Stan buba?

Ans: According to the report, his girlfriend Anam Sheikh was nicknamed buba by the rapper.

Who is Booba MC Stan?

Ans: The famous rapper MC Stan ruled millions of hearts with his talent for rap. He has been calling one of his girlfriends named Anam Shaikh booba who is 24 years old.

What is the real name of MC Stan?

Ans: His real name is Altaf Tadavi or Altaf Shaikh. He was born on August 29 in 1999 in Pune, Maharashtra.

What is the Price of MC Stan Chain?

Ans: He was seen wearing various diamond necklaces and rings. During Bigg Boss season 16, he donned jewelry worth Rs. 1.5 crore.

Who is the Winner of Bigg Boss 16 MC Stan?

Ans: The winner of Bigg Boss 16 is MC Stan who received a car and money as well Rs. 31.80 lakh.

Where is MC Stan from?

Ans:  He is a famous rapper who was born and brought up in Pune, Maharashtra.

Where does MC Stan live?

Ans: The exact location of his house is not revealed but as per the report he lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Why MC Stan is Famous?

Ans: The 23 years old rapper from Pune, commonly known as MC Stan is famous as he knows b-boying and beatboxing as well. He began singing when his age was 12.

When is MC Stan Birthday?

Ans: His Birthday on 29th August 1999.

Who is MC Stan Girlfriend?

Ans: According to the report, the name of MC Stan’s girlfriend is Anam Sheikh who is nicknamed as buba by the rapper.

What is the meaning of MC Stan?

Ans: MC Stan is the stage name of Altaf Shaikh who is one of the famous hip-hop rappers in India.

Who is MC Stan Father?

Ans: Him father’s name is still not revealed.

When was MC Stan Born?

Ans: He was born on August 29 in 1999 in Pune, Maharashtra.

MC Stan religion?

Ans: Altaf Tadavi or Altaf Shaikh is known as MC Stan whose religion is Islam.

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