Manage your health in such a way that you never have to face ED

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In the male community very, few disorders have instilled discomfort and fear to the extent which ED has. If you are living under the rock Erectile Dysfunction is abbreviated as ED. Today men above 18 years become vulnerable to becoming ED patients because of disturbed lifestyles and ignorance towards sexual health. For short-term solutions, victims consume pills like Cenforce 200 from safepills4ed.com to overcome ED.

But taking ED is not the permanent solution instead it suppresses the disease for a night. Thus, the person is tempted to take the pill every time before having sex. It’s better to eradicate the disorder completely and regain erection without being dependent on pills.

But the permanent method is not a one-night solution, it requires patience, discipline and immense willpower. This method involves correcting the daily life activities that include the food you eat, hours of sleep, thoughts in mind etc. But as the saying goes “Prevention is better than cure”. If there are ways to prevent from being an ED patient then why use pills after becoming one. In this article, we shall discuss different ways of managing our health so that we never have to face ED.

First, let’s understand why ED happens

Erectile Dysfunction is a disorder where the penis does not erect to the desired extent. And we all know with a less erect penis sexual intercourse results in less satisfaction. This translates to frustration, conflict and crack in relationships.From a relationship, each partner expects pleasure and satisfaction both emotional and physical. If any pleasure is not fulfilled the other person starts feeling that his/her partner is incapable to provide it. But why at one point penis becomes erect and the other time doesn’t?The penis becomes erect when blood enters the blood vessels of the penis.This happens when a man gets sexually excited.

But when that man is an ED patient even after getting sexually excited, blood fails to travel in penile regions. This is because of smoking, alcohol consumption, high levels of cholesterols, stress, diabetes, and lack of sexual interest etc. All the above mentioned are causes of ED, these are just a few of them. All these factors affect the movement of blood into the blood vessels of the penis.

Thus, a good erection becomes impossible. From the description, we can understand that for erection the most important criteria are blood flow into the penis.The drugs available in the market such as Cenforce 100 or Fildena that assure of curing ED also works on the same principle. The drug effectively increases the blood flow in the penile region by reducing the blood pressure, easing tension in pelvic muscles and smoothening tissues and muscles of the penile region.

How to prevent ED by managing health

Getting a good sleep

Sleep is very important for mental health and the overall functioning of the body. Your sexual health depends on both your physical and mental health. Today due to the competitive environment one needs to be pro-active all the time. Sleeping is seen as a negative thing that must be minimized. To increase productivity and add profits to their balance sheets big corporates are overworking their employees. Thus, employees are left with 3 to 4 hours of sleep. It makes them vulnerable to insomnia, anxiety, depression and heart attacks. After working with all your physical and mental strength, your body needs rest. If not provided with adequate hours of sleep it results in less productivity and degradation of health.

Eating consciously

If we go by what the doctor’s say or mentioned in Ayurveda, we find that not everybody needs to take the same food. For example, a scientist uses more of his/her mental abilities than a labourer who is involved in extensive physical labour, both of them need different quantities of essential nutrients. Labour must take more carbohydrates, fats and proteins as a large number of calories are burned in his body. Whereas the scientist needs more vitamins and minerals to sharpen his memory and concentration. But what is happening today is totally contradictory. Everyone is eating the same food, be it engineers, lawyers, doctors or teachers. The consumption of fast food has risen rapidly resulting in disorders like obesity and diabetes. It plays a major role in ED by blocking the arteries that supply blood to organs.

Hence, if you care about your sex life and partner’s satisfaction eat foods that are fibre rich and boost metabolism or else keep eating Cenforce 100 or Vidalista 40 every night.


From the above discussion, we can derive that ED is a disorder with multiple causes. By overcoming ED, you not get back erection but win over various other malfunctions at once. Ignoring ED is not the solution because a distorted lifestyle and relationships easily invite the disorder. Today ED is a male pandemic known for running relationships, families and even suicides. Let’s get better equipped to tackle it before it invades our bedroom.

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