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7 Frequently Asked Questions About ED, Answered

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1. What Are the Causes of ED?

ED (or erectile dysfunction) is a common condition that affects many men, regardless of how old they are as well as their demographics. The frequency of this condition allowed the researchers to identify the key factors that contribute to the risk of this condition occurring, primarily either due to poor blood flow or due to a premature release of enzyme PDE-5, directly contributing to ED.

However, the indirect causes of ED can be split into two key categories. One of them is are the Psychological causes that include depression, anxiety, issues with relationships as well as more severe conditions like depression or performance anxiety. On the other hand, the Physical causes of ED are also responsible for contributing to the risk of this condition with primary causes like ageing, heart health issues, obesity and diabetes as well as complications related to surgeries and taking specific medications.

2. Is ED Common?

Surprisingly, ED is a very common condition that affects many men, but due to the nature of this condition, it is not commonly discussed. For example, the recent studies, as well as discussions with experts, suggest that almost half of all men experienced an instance of ED occurring by the time they were 40 years old at least once. Furthermore, the evidence and research suggest that the risk of getting the condition increases exponentially as our bodies age, further deteriorating our ability to perform in bed. Finally, more and more experts are coming to the conclusion that ED is becoming more and more common among younger men (e.g under the age of 40) due to the rising concerns related to more mental health issues, alcohol consumption, social anxiety and drug intake.

3. Can ED be Cured?

Considering the nature and the causes of the ED condition, there are no straightforward and instant cures that would remedy ED for good. However, there are multiple ways that ED risks and effects can be managed and reduced in both the short term and long term. First of all, lifestyle adjustments can be adopted to minimise the risks of ED conditions occurring. This includes changing the habits that affect the blood flow like reducing the consumption of alcohol and tobacco intake which would encourage better blood flow within your body as well as promoting healthier lifesytle. Furthermore, maintaining a healthy diet and consistent exercise routine, in the long run, can assist with a healthier lifestyle and contribute to normal heart health, further reducing the ED risks. If the cause of the ED is revolving around psychological reasons, discussing your concerns and anxiety or stress triggers can assist with removing the mental strain. Furthermore, communicating and discussing your worries and concerns with your partner could also minimise some of the risks associated with ED.

However, another way to tackle ED is to take clinically proven, safe and effective erectile dysfunction treatments which can assist with tackling the primary physical cause of ED quickly and effectively.

4. What is the Best ED Treatment?

Most of the ED treatments are made up of PDE-5 inhibitors that prevent the ED from occurring. The most common treatments include treatments like Viagra and Sildenafil, as well as other variations available in their generic, but chemically equivalent form.

It is important to note that these treatments affect everyone in different ways, as well as considering the variety of treatments available, it is important to research and discuss the best suitable treatment for you. Here is a breakdown of the ED treatments available at Pharmica depending on their properties, active ingredients, duration and suitability.

For example, generic Sildenafil (or generic Viagra) on average takes 30 to 60 minutes to start taking effect for about 4 to 6 hours, depending on the dose strength. On the other hand, some other variants of ED treatments like Cialis (or generic version – Tadalafil) can start their effect in only 15 to 30 minutes and last for up to 36 hours. Furthermore, some of these treatments are more suitable for diabetics due to the active ingredient component.

5. Are there any side effects of ED medication?

Whilst the majority of men don’t experience side effects from erectile dysfunction treatment, some common side effects include:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Indigestion
  • Body aches

Only 1 in 10 men experience side effects, but if you do, it’s worth switching to a different PDE-5 inhibitor to see if the change in active ingredient corrects the issue. It’s important to only take one PDE-5 inhibitor at a time, you shouldn’t combine different brands or varying active ingredients simultaneously.

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