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Lost Ark Life Skills Farming Guide – How To Get Each Life Skill?

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Life skills are actually resource farming in Lost Ark. Unlocked from a certain level, in Lost Ark, as in many MMOs, you will be able to collect resources such as plants, ores or even fish and trees. Hunting is also a farming activity, all resources will be useful to you, so we explain how to start well with this activity!

Life skills are activities that allow a player to gather resources using specific gathering tools or sell for Lost Ark gold. Players can then decide to invest these materials in crafting professions.

The life skills available in Lost Ark are:

  • Herbalism – Plant picking
  • Logging – Tree felling
  • Mining – Harvesting Minerals
  • Hunt
  • Peach
  • Archeology – Archaeological discoveries

They can be triggered with the default “B” hotkey or by directly interacting with the resource you wish to gather. This action will temporarily change the player’s game interface.

Your lower skills bar is going to be replaced by your gathering skills and instead of your usual interface, you will have a bar with the “work points” available. Each action performed in this mode will consume these points which can regenerate every 10 min (30x).

Each life skill has its own rank which must be increased to gain new buffs. The tools you use contribute to skill level: green tools add +1 to rank, blue ones add +2 while purple ones add +4. Your Life Skill rank is account-wide, which means if you have a certain level on your hand, it will be the same on your alts.

All collected resources will be stored in your inventory and some of them can even be traded with NPCs or sold at the Auction House for gold, which you buy from reliable store UTPLAY.COM.

In any case, at the beginning, we advise you to keep these resources preciously so that you can use them later. Similarly, as soon as you can pick it up, don’t wait until you need specific resources to think about uping your corresponding Life skill, it’s always better to get a little ahead, especially in resource farming.

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