Live Streaming Matches

Live Streaming Matches

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Do you remember the days when you would have to rush home from work to watch a football game? Or – at the risk of making you feel really old – the days when you would have to tape a football match on VHS to ensure not a moment was missed.

No? Just us? Okay, well now we feel really old.

Thankfully, those days have long dissolved into a cloudy and slightly stressy past. Since the introduction of live streaming, football games – or any sport, for that matter – have become more accessible than ever on sites like

No more recording over old VHS tapes. No more rushing home from work. Heck, in 2024, you can watch a football game at work. Although we don’t recommend you do that. This is about enjoying a game of football at your own leisure and convenience, not your boss’s — and trust us when we say, that conversation can be very uncomfortable.

So how did sports become so accessible and what exactly is live streaming all about? Well, to celebrate this new era of stress-free sports, we’ve created a little blog that delves into its past, present, and future. Starting with the 101.

What is Live Streaming?

A quick Google search will tell you that live streaming is the act of transmitting or receiving live video coverage of an event on the internet… Okay, so moving on.

No, not really. We’ll flesh things out a bit by going to the beginning. One of the first ever live-streamed sporting events can be dated back to 2001, when the Ohio State spring football game was streamed by WBNS-TV on the RealPlayer media player platform.

A year later, Major League Baseball became the first professional sports league to stream a season game, and from that point on, sports live streaming as a concept began to gain traction. Throughout the 2010s, a number of streaming services began pursuing deals to host the hottest sporting tournaments, including the Premier League, the Champions League, and sports like F1, basketball, and tennis.

In 2022, the US saw streaming surpass both broadcast and cable for the largest share of viewing figures for the first time, and today, around 80% of sports fans worldwide regularly or sometimes use online live streams to watch their favourite games. In short, live streaming is kind of a big thing, and it’s only getting bigger.

Football Live Stream

Because live streaming is so popular, there are a fair few hosts to choose from. One of the latest is 30Bet, which has recently launched a live sports stream feature to cater to passionate sports fans.

Amongst all the competition, 30Bet casino is fast becoming a prime destination, and this might be due to their overall Sportsbook product. Because of the integration of live streaming, this is a platform where you can play casino slots, place bets on sports games, and now actually watch the games in the process. All of this in one pristine package.

Football fans, especially, have jumped on board with the service. As mentioned before, 80% of sports fans regularly or sometimes watch live streams. This is already a huge number, but it actually jumps to 85% when focusing on football fans.

Considering just how many football fans there are around the world, this is a pretty mind-bending statistic, but that’s not to say it’s surprising. With more people moving to their mobile phones to consume content, live football streams were always going to become the more affordable, engaging, and comfortable way to enjoy the sport.

And that’s part of the reason why Sportsbooks like 30Bet are so popular. According to recent statistics, around 1.6 billion people use online sportsbooks, so why wouldn’t they take full advantage and actually watch those sports on the same platform? Convenience is key, after all, and you can’t get more convenient than that.

Live Sports Streaming

But let’s not just narrow the conversation to football. Unbeknownst to many football fans, there are around 8,000 other sports to enjoy around the world, and although toe wrestling and ostrich racing streams might be hard to come by, plenty of other popular sports are not.

Take the NBA, Grand Slam Tennis, or the Formula 1 Grand Prix, for instance. These are major competitions worldwide – again offered by the blossoming sports streaming site 30Bet – and their accessibility is majorly increasing. This isn’t just a good thing for sports fans, but the tournaments themselves.

Because of quick, snappy smartphone content, television as a whole has been struggling. In the US alone, households watching and paying for live TV have fallen from 100 million to around 70 million over the last decade, and if this isn’t a sign that the ‘Golden Age’ of television is well and truly over, we don’t know what is.

This is all TV, too. Not just drama, sit-coms, and reality. In general, fewer people around the world are watching media on television, with Millenials and Gen Z, especially, choosing to watch YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram content on their phones instead.

This could have been a big problem for sports tournaments, many of which have been experiencing a gradual decline in live spectators – working to decrease finances and advertising opportunities across the board. With sports streaming, however, brand new advertising opportunities have materialised, with alternate avenues to reach and engage sports viewers.

In 2024, more sport-related content is available for fans than ever. Whether it’s through season extras, interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, or game analysis, fans have the opportunity to stay busy with their favourite tournaments and teams, and this allows major tournaments to connect with their audience on a far deeper level — leading to increased sports viewership while overall television viewership is decreasing.


With all of this in mind, it’s fair to say we’re pretty happy that live streaming has taken off. Not only has it given major tournaments the chance to build new success stories, but it has allowed the same tournaments to fit into our lives, rather than the other way around.

Is there a Chelsea vs Aston Villa that you have forgotten about, and it’s starting in only 2 minutes? No bother. Because it’s right there in your pocket. All you need to do is log onto the platform and stream away.

We take that for granted right now, but twenty years ago, that would have been a futuristic paradise. So let’s take the time to appreciate it, tune in, watch every goal, and sit tight. Because with live streaming audiences increasing year-on-year, things are only going to get better for everyone.

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