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6 Key Aspects to Understand before Starting a Business Magazine

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The news of inflation across the world is the new concern that is concerning every business across industries. The consumer is looking for better ways to meet their needs, and the willingness to spend money on products and services is decreasing. The coronavirus pandemic has adversely affected global economics, and many might consider this as a wrong point to start a business.

This is where public opinion might be partially wrong. To back this statement, during the global economic crash in 2008, a number of businesses were founded, which are today the giants of that particular industry. If you are already into a business or want to enter the business world, many things are to be taken into consideration, like the market momentum, public opinion, monetization value, etc.

One quick and easy way of entering the business world, which also allows you to keep a watch on the industries, market, etc., is by starting a business magazine. If you already have a business and you maintain the digital presence of your business by publishing blogs, etc., it might be a little easier for you to understand what it takes to start a business magazine.

Like every other business, this business, too, needs investment and dedication to work. Unlike any other type of magazine, which depends on reporting and practices journalism through this medium, a business magazine is completely different and, to an extent, differs in its working as well.

If you are planning to start a business magazine, then there are a few aspects of the business embedded in it, which are to be understood before publishing the first edition of the magazine. Depending on the source and on the experience of the person, the aspects before starting a business magazine can vary. Here are the 6 key aspects that need to be understood before starting a business magazine.

  • The market and its depth

When you want to enter the market, which promises an ocean of opportunities, it is important to know what is the required courage to survive. Believe it or not, but there are around 70,000 magazines published every month. Yes, the old magazine industry is crowded, and it would take a lot of hard work to stand out from the rest.

Since it is going to be a business magazine, understand which sector of the business you want to target. Along with that, it is essential to understand if you are going to target a particular sector of business in particular or the whole world of business. This will change the whole outlook of the magazine. Until and unless the niche of the magazine is not decided, it will be kind of impossible to run the magazine.

Finalizing the niche can help in getting a clear vision. And the amendments can be done while moving forward as the business picks up pace. So, the first thing to understand before even thinking about the name of the magazine is to understand the market, know everything about it and what it will take to be successful in it. A secret about any medium is to present the same idea differently, and the audience will love it unless it makes it difficult for the audience to do the same task. A similar is the case with a top business magazine.

  • Chose the medium

Once you know the niche of the business, it becomes much easier for you to carry out other procedures like the name of the magazine, layout, etc. However, the task that stands can decide the making and breaking of your new magazine is deciding the medium of the magazine. Earlier, there was only one choice for everyone, and that was to print the magazine. Now, the internet has changed the whole face of the medium.

So, the choice lays in your hand to choose between a printed business magazine or an online business magazine edition. Both the mediums have their advantages and disadvantages. For instance, a printed magazine is tangible and can give a real-time experience to the readers. Whereas an online business magazine is not tangible, but there is flexibility in carrying it around, and there will be no worry of losing a softcopy of the magazine.

Though you can decide to change the medium midway through your journey, which many veteran magazines have done, along with the flexibility that the magazine provides, you can also choose to release both editions of the magazines.

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  • Audience or Target Group

Now that your niche and the edition type are decided, it is time to understand your audience. The audience or target group is something that helps the Global business magazine to filter and funnel the targets to which you are going to sell the magazine. Choosing an audience is important because it attracts one of the main elements of a magazine, which is advertisements.

Since it is a business magazine, understand for whom this magazine will be a better choice. Then target that specific audience and make it count. Also, remember how you are going to market the magazine that will bring more subscribers on board. Creating demographics that include gender, age, income, profession, education, etc., helps in targeting the audience in a better way.

  • Frequency of Edition

Once you decide most of the important elements for starting a business magazine, now comes the time to decide how many editions of a magazine you are going to release. It can be a weekly magazine – which most of the magazines are. Monthly and fortnightly editions are also a common approach chosen by magazines.

To choose the frequency, understand the nature of your business and the audience that defines the frequency. Decide a start so that you can attract advertisements, and once you get a steady flow of cash incoming, you can change the frequency. Being a business magazine, making a yearly calendar to keep track of things is much easier. However, this is the later part to decide.

  • Budget and Cashflow

Before the release of the magazine, you need to set a budget. The cost of the first few editions goes from your pocket because you don’t know how many subscribers you are going to get from the first few editions. Also, attracting advertisements depends on various factors, so it takes a lot of time. Before proceeding with the hiring of writers and designers, set a budget and try sticking to it.

A magazine is released keeping a long-term plan in mind. It is essential to create a flow of cash in the magazine that will help in the smooth running of the business. Study the market and how the magazine is going to earn from advertisers and subscribers. How much will the charge be if it is based on subscribers? Along with that, also keep in mind that the ratio of advertisement and subscribers should be intact to maintain a balance in the magazine.

  • Writing and Managing

Once the whole game plan is set, it is time to select the team that will help in making and publishing the magazine. For a magazine, you must hire good writers because they will be responsible for the content. If not, a huge team then hires at least the major members like editor-in-chief, senior writer, managing editor, and copywriter. Along with the writer, what is required is a photographer and a graphic designer.

Then comes the managing committee like the manager, salesperson, etc., they are responsible for bringing in the advertisements into the magazine and giving them a particular space in the magazine. Choose them carefully as they are going to decide the future of the magazine.

These are the six aspects of the magazines that need to be understood before starting a business magazine.

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