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Sundar Pichai, Anjali gave birth to his daughter, Kavya Pichai, in the hills of Los Altos, California, on July 18, 2010. Sundar is Google’s CEO. Sundar’s younger brother Kiran raised Kavya through middle school and high school. Kavya’s been in the tech scene since she was a child.

Kavya’s childhood was characterised by traditional adolescent experiences in school, friendships and family gatherings, despite her father being known as the Chief Executive Officer of IT.

Kavya Pichai Images

Her parents’ values of dedication to learning, innovation, and humility guide Kavya as she experiences her formative years.

The place where her adventure takes place, which has an impact on her outlook and goals for the future, is one of the most dynamic and important areas in the world.


Full NameKavya Pichai 
Nick NameUnknown 
Born (Kavya Pichai date of birh)February 1, 2003 
Age (as 2024)21
Native placeUSA 
nationality American 
Zodiac SignAquarius  
HometownLos Aitos Hills, California, USA 
Food HabitNon vegetarian 
SchoolPrivate school in California 
CollegeSophomore at Stanford University  
Profession Student  
Father’s nameSundar Pichai 
Mother’s nameAnjali Pichai 
Number of siblings1 brother Kiran Pichai 


Kavya Pichai Birthday1 February

Physical Stats

Kavya Pichai has a subtle yet remarkable beauty because of her physical characteristics. She’s about five feet two inches tall, has a thin build and weighs around 47 kg.

Her height is 157.48 cm. Her measurements, which are around 20-24-15, emphasize her slender body type and elegant proportions.

Kavya is the epitome of grace and poise, her gorgeous black hair adding to her charm and her stunning black eyes radiating warmth and depth.

She is a compelling figure in any context because of her confident approach and physical presence.

Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourBlack 


Kavya Pichai was birthdate was February 1, 2003, and is currently 21 years old.

Kavya Pichai Age21 years old


Kavya Pichai Weight40kg
Wight in Pounds 88.2 lbs 


Kavya Pichai Height5.1”
Height in centimeter 155 cm 
Height in meter 1.55 m


In 2010, Kavya Pichai, the daughter of Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai, originated into being in Los Altos Hills. She raised up enclosed by Silicon Valley’s dynamic principles from an early age, and was upraised to the core of skill.

Kavya Pichai and her brother, Kiran Pichai, grew up together and now go to middle school in their hometown. Even though she was the daughter of a well-known IT chief executive, Kavya’s childhood was marked by typical adolescent experiences of school, friends, and family gatherings.

Kavya is embodying her parents’ values of dedication to learning, inventiveness, and humility as she moves through her formative years. Her adventure takes place in the context of one of the most vibrant and significant areas in the world, which shapes her outlook and future goals.


Kavya Pichai comes from a rich and supportive family. Her father, Sundar Pichai, is a well-known Indian-American businessman who has held the high-status CEO roles at Alphabet Inc. and Google. In addition to her father’s activities, Kavya’s mother, Anjali Pichai, is a positive business operations manager who shares her information with the corporate sector. 

Kavya has a close family bond with her brother Kiran Pichai, who she grew up with in count to her parents. The Pichai family, who are now residing in the United States, are the personification of closeness, aspiration, and support in the fields of technology and entrepreneurship. Their mutual experience serves as an evidence to the value of family in the middle of the fast-paced world of modern-day prosperity.

Father’s NameSundar Pichai
Mother’s NameAnjali Pichai
Sister’s NameNot Known
Brother’s NameKiran Pichai


Kavya Pichai set out on her career with the purpose of having a noteworthy influence exterior of the technical sphere. Despite coming from a tech-focused family, Kavya has chosen to follow her hobbies by see the sights a variety of paths.

It’s clear that Kavya is interested by a strong sense of purpose and a desire to effect positive change, even though there aren’t many specifics regarding her professional path. She has shown that she is interested in compassion and culture, which high spot her many abilities and goals.

When she began her work, Kavya Pichai required to make a big impact outside of the technical field. Kavya has chosen to pursue her interests by taking diversions from her foundation in technology.

However there aren’t many details on Kavya’s career path, it’s evident that she is driven by a strong sense of purpose and a desire to bring about confident change. Her demonstrated interest in philanthropy and culture demonstrates her numerous skills and objectives.

Kavya Pichai Photo

Social Media

KulFiykavya Pichai
Kavya Pichai Instagram@kavyapichai
LinkedIn Unknown 
Pinterest Unknown 


Kavya Pichai’s Father:

Sundarajan was birth place in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, and India. His father and mama work as stenographers and as electrical masterminds, independently. He was born in Ashok Nagar, an exurb of Chennai, India, on June 10, 1972. Sundarajan well- educated the value of hard work and determination while living in a two- room house, where he lived. 

He got his bachelorette’s degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, his master’s degree in accoutrements wisdom and engineering from the graduate program at Stanford University. His master’s degree in business administration from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Sundararajan ongoing his career as a software inventor at Google in 2004. 

This conspicuous the morning of his long- term career in the IT field. He is a megahit on the internet, especially on social media spots like Twitter and Instagram. He’s famed for his visionary leadership and innovative ideas. With1.1 million Instagram followers’ and3.1 million Twitter followers, he’s a world- famed inventor who changes mind sets and inspires people.


Kavya Pichai’s Mother:

Anjali Pichai, a well- known chemical mastermind, is Kavya’s mama. Anjali, a young girl from Kota, a small town in the Indian state of Rajasthan, was born on 11 January 1971.Anjali’s career path began with an interest in exploration and development.

During her childhood, Anjali’s father, Olaram haryani, was a big influence. He taught her the importance of excellence and hard work.

Born and raised in Kota, Rajasthan, Anjali diligently pursued her education, going to school in her community. Her brother Amit Haryani, who has supported and been her friend throughout her life, and she have a strong relationship. 

Her successful professional life was predicated on her bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from India’s leading institute of technology, which was the result of her outstanding academic performance.

Anjali is presently the Business Operations Manager of Intuit, the world’s leading software company. She leverages her skills to drive innovation and organizational growth. She has been a beacon of resilience, fortitude, and commitment to excellence because of her commitment to her family and career.

Interesting Facts

  • Kavya Pichai is the daughter of Alphabet Inc. and Google CEO Sundar Pichai.
  • She is not active on social media and keeps a low profile despite her young age.
  • Kavya comes from a wealthy and successful family; her father is thought to be worth over $600 million.
  • In her hometown of Los Altos Hills, California, she goes to middle school.
  • Kavya embodies the ideals her family has ingrained in her with grace and charm.
  • Her charitable activities demonstrate her dedication to changing society for the better.
  • Kavya is a wealthy woman by birth, yet she manages to stay grounded and concentrated on her studies and personal growth.
  • She stands for the hope of a bright future and is ready to leave her imprint on the world in a special way.

She’s a mysterious person in the middle of her family’s success when Kavya Pichai appeared. Kavya walks her route with poise and grace, having been born into her father Sundar Pichai’s distinguished pedigree.

Her presence carries the promise of a promising future even though specifics about her existence are yet unknown. Kavya is ready to make her mark on the world as she develops further. She is the epitome of promise and possibilities.

Net Worth

Kavya Pichai has no personal wealth because she is still a youngster and a student. Being born into a well-off family helps her out. The head of Alphabet Inc. and Google, with an estimated net worth of $600 million, is Sundar Pichai, the father of Kavya’s father.

Kavya receives the advantages of her father’s prosperity and security of income from birth into this wealthy family. She is definitely positioned for a future full of options and possibilities, even though her own net worth may not matter at this point in her life.

Net Worth 2020NA
Net Worth 2021NA
Net Worth 2022NA
Net Worth 2023NA 
Kavya Pichai Net Worth 2024NA


Who is Kavya Pichai?

Kavya Pichai’s the son of Sundar Pichai. She’s keeping her identity a secret because she’s a private person who is keeping her identity a secret.

How old is Kavya Pichai?

The precise age of Kavya Pichai is kept secret and was born in 2010, so she’s probably still very young.

Where does Kavya Pichai study? 

In her hometown of Los Altos Hills, California, USA, Kavya Pichai is currently studying at middle school.

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