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Millions of people have fallen in love with popular Indian YouTuber, singer, and comedian Bhuvan Bam for his relevant material and clever humor. Born in Baroda, Gujarat, on January 21, 1994, Bam used ingenuity and unwavering dedication to start his ascent to fame.

Bhuvan Bam Photo

When he started posting his humorous sketches on social media in 2015, that’s when his celebrity started to grow. Bam rose to fame in India and beyond very rapidly when he created the popular character “Bancho”, and his viral films went viral. Through his use of humor and social commentary to engage and educate, he has become a global inspiration for substance makers.


Full NameBhuvaneswar Bam
Nick NameBB
Born (Bhuvan Bam Date of Birth)22nd January 1994
Age (as 2023)29 years 
Native placeVadodara, Gujarat, India 
Zodiac SignAquarius  
HometownVadodara, Gujarat, India
Food HabitNon vegetarian 
SchoolGreen Fields school on Delhi 
CollegeShaheed Bhagat Sign College, University of Delhi 
Profession Actor, comedian, writer, song writer, YouTube personality 
ReligionMarathi Hindu 
Father’s nameAvnindra bam
Mother’s namePadma Bam
siblingsAman Bam
Girlfriend Name Arpita Bhattacharya 


Bhuvan Bam Birthday22nd January

Physical Stats

Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourBlack 


Bhuvan Bam Age 29 years


Bhuvan Bam Weight 64kg
Wight in Pounds 141 lbs 


Bhuvan Bam Height5.10”
Height in centimeter 179 cm 
Height in meter 1.79 m 


Bhuvan Bam went through a long time in Delhi, where he was aiming at school and building up a cherish for energy and craftsmanship. His instruction was wrapped up after his family moved to Delhi. He was born in Baroda, Gujarat on January 21, 1994, on January 21, 1994. Even though he’s usually a bit ahead of the curve, Bam’s accomplishments in the energy realm were something he was confident about. After finishing his instruction at Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, Bam inspected for a bachelor’s degree in history. 

In school, he explored various forms of communication and sustained his innovative interface. Amid his college a long time, he built up the establishment for his future workouts and was given the chance to seek after his creative interface. The passion for substance era persisted throughout, unquestionably due to the ease of attending college. He realized that he could use web organizing stages to connect with an all-encompassing group of spectators, audience group of pedestrians and synonyms. 

He began practicing using video material and improving his narration and comedy abilities during his college years. Furthermore, Bam’s vision of the world and his craving to work in amusement were affected by his childhood and tutoring. It could be a testament to his unwavering spirit, inventiveness and tireless determination to grasp that from small-town boyish dreams to online fame.

SchoolGreen Fields School in Delhi
UniversityShaheed Bhagat Sign College, University of Delhi

Relationship Status

Marital StatusUnmarried
GirlfreindArpita Bhattacharya

Many of Bhuvan Bam’s admirers have always been curious about his personal life, especially in regard to his romances and extramarital affairs. In spite of the YouTube sensation’s very private attitude toward his love life, there are constant rumors and conjectures in the media.

Bhuvan Bam and Arpita Bhattacharya, a gorgeous and endearing woman, have most recently been connected romantically. Despite the fact that neither party has formally acknowledged their partnership, rumors indicate that they have been romantically linked for a considerable amount of time.

Fans of Bam exhibit steadfast support for their beloved musician, even in the face of lack of public acknowledgement, as they impatiently await any information on His love life. With his skill and charm, Bhuvan Bam never fails to enthrall audiences, on and off screen, regardless of whether he chooses to keep his relationships private or make them public.

Bhuvan Bam GF
Bhuvan Bam GF


With modest beginnings and a strong desire to share his art with the world, Bhuvan Bam embarked on his journey into the entertainment industry. While still a college student in 2015, Bam began making and posting films to social media sites like Facebook and then YouTube. However, he encountered several obstacles along the road, and his early attempts were not very successful. Bam persevered and kept honing his skills in spite of the obstacles. His breakthrough came when he created the persona of “Bancho”, and his video, “The Chakhna Issue,” went viral. 

This was a pivotal moment in his career as he started to get noticed and acknowledged for his distinct sense of comedy and storytelling. Everywhere, aspiring content makers may find inspiration from Bam’s journey from obscurity to success. His tale is proof of the strength of tenacity and desire in the face of difficulty. Bhuvan Bam forged his route to success in the cutthroat field of digital entertainment by using perseverance and inventiveness as his compass.

BB Ki Vines

Bhuvan Bam’s career has been built around BB Ki Vines, which have propelled him to previously unheard-of heights of popularity and celebrity in the digital sphere. On the YouTube channel BB Ki Vines, which was founded in 2015, Bhuvan plays a wide range of characters, each with their unique peculiarities and characteristics. The program appeals to viewers of all ages because of its relevant events, common observations, and clever comments. 

Due to his exceptional comic timing and talent for storytelling, Bam has amassed a passionate fan base spanning millions of people globally. BB Ki Vines’s genuine charm and rawness are what distinguish them. Bhuvan Bam’s sketches are more accessible and captivating because, in contrast to written humor, they frequently draw inspiration from real-life occurrences. 

BB Ki Vines
BB Ki Vines

With the emergence of memes, catchphrases, and souvenirs, BB Ki Vines has developed into a cultural phenomenon over time. Bhuvan keeps his fans captivated and anticipates his next post with every new video, pushing the envelope of innovation with each release. In addition to showcasing Bhuvan Bam’s comedic abilities, BB Ki Vines is evidence of the influence of internet media on contemporary entertainment. Bam has established himself as a pioneer and trailblazer in the field by using his channel to carve out a position for himself in the cutthroat world of online video creation.

Bhuvan Bam’s Characters

The fact that Bhuvan Bam created enduring characters that are now well-known to fans is one of the things that makes him so successful. All of the characters in BB Ki Vines, from the endearing “Titu Mama” to the eccentric “Babloo Ji,” have distinct personalities. Genuineness and relatability are what distinguish Bhuvan’s personalities. Bam is an incredible artist at giving life to his works, whether it’s the charming innocence of “Banchoddas” or the exaggerated mannerisms of “Sameer Fuddi.” 

The digital realm has not contained these characters since they have emerged as independent cultural icons. The next funny antics are widely anticipated by fans, who impatiently await their presence in every new video. Bhuvan Bam dazzles audiences with his comic brilliance and creates enduring memories that last long after the last laughs fade by showcasing his variety of personas.

Other Ventures: Bhuvan Bam has shown his adaptability and business energy by venturing into a number of other creative pursuits outside of BB Ki Vines. His venture into music is one noteworthy feature of his career. Bam’s first song, “Teri Meri Kahani,” was widely praised by both critics and fans when it was released in 2016. Bam’s standing as a gifted vocalist and composer was further cemented by the song’s popularity, which opened the door for more musical endeavors and collaborations.

Bhuvan Bam has also looked into acting possibilities, making appearances in short films and online series. His inherent charm and acting talent have won him recognition from both critics and business insiders, creating new avenues for him to pursue in the entertainment industry. Bam has also used his fame to work with businesses and brands on a variety of initiatives and sponsorships. 

He has effectively diversified his revenue streams while staying true to himself and his audience through commercial collaborations and promotional initiatives. In addition, Bhuvan Bam is a committed philanthropist who utilizes his position to promote charity organizations and increase public awareness of social concerns. He is a role model and influencer in the digital sphere, and his commitment to utilizing his influence for good is more evidence of this. He also wants to make a constructive impact on society.

Social Media

KulFiyBhuvan Bam
LinkedIn NA
Pinterest NA

Bhuvan Bam Parents
Bhuvan Bam Parents

Television Shows

Bhuvan Bam Television Shows

MTV Unplugged 2019Singer 
Bingo Comedy Adda 2021Himself 
Big Boss 15
The kapil sharma show 2023Himself

Web Series

Bhuvan Bam Web Series 

TVF’s Bachelors 2016-2017
Titu Talks 2018-present 
One Mic Stand 2019
Dhindora 2021
Taaza Khabar 2023

Short Films

Plus Minus 2018

Music videos

Names of videosYears
The lockdown Rap2020
Kill Chori2021


Teri Meri Kahani 2016
Sang Hoon Tere 
Bas Mein 
Guncha Koi 
Hum Saath Hain 2020
Heer Ranjha 
Didi Song 
Bann Gayi Zindegi 
Rafta Rafta 2023


  • The most popular Channel web TV Asia Award for his YouTube channel BB Ki Vines (2016)
  • Felicitated through Hindustan Times at the primary version in their Game Changer Awards (2017)
  • Filmfare award for best short film for the film Plus Minus (2019).
  • Indian Television Academy Awards, India Viewer Mention
  • Dhindora Winner 2022.
  • IWM Digital Awards Breakthrough Performance of the Year (Male)
  • Dhindora Winner 2022.


Bhuvan Bam has faced issues throughout his career, much like many other prominent personalities. One such case concerned claims of plagiarism and copyright violations pertaining to some of his writing.

A few times, too, Bam’s jokes or comments have caused controversy or drawn condemnation from some segments of the crowd. Bam has, however, always handled these issues with openness and responsibility, making an effort to clear up any misconceptions and grow from his mistakes.

Even though Bam has occasionally faced criticism, his moral character and dedication to upholding moral principles have enabled him to handle difficult circumstances and keep the respect and loyalty of his devoted fan base.

Bhuvan Bam Brother
Bhuvan Bam Brother

Interesting Facts

  • Before starting his YouTube channel, Bhuvan Bam first gained popularity on Facebook, where he became viral in Pakistan.
  • He is the first Indian YouTuber to reach the 10-million subscriber mark on their own.
  • Notwithstanding his popularity as a comedian, Bam is also a gifted singer-songwriter, as seen by the positive reviews his breakthrough song “Teri Meri Kahani” garnered.
  • Characters in Bam’s work are frequently modeled after actual people; one such example is his television series “Dr. Sehgal,” which is based on a local doctor.
  • His influence has grown beyond BB Ki Vines due to partnerships with well-known YouTube channels like The Viral Fever (TVF) and Screen Patti.
  • Bam has developed a sizable fan base in Bangladesh and Pakistan despite the fact that his programming is mostly aimed at younger Indian viewers.
  • Bam’s admirers maintain that he accurately captures the language and culture of Delhi’s youth in spite of criticism over his usage of obscene language.
  • His sources of income have been broadened, and he now receives money from live performances on stage and at concerts in addition to YouTube.

A tribute to Bhuvan Bam’s ability, inventiveness, and tenacity is his path from a small-town child to an internet superstar. Bam has enthralled millions of people with his combination of humor and social criticism through his renowned YouTube channel, BB Ki Vines.

He has overcome obstacles and disputes to advance his creative and inspirational work, which has allowed him to become a global influencer. Bhuvan Bam’s influence on the digital entertainment business is certain to last for years to come as he keeps growing and broadening his profession.


Who is Bhuvan Bam?

Indian entertainer Bhuvan Bam is well-known for his assorted fashion and commitments to the generation of computerized excitement. Bam picked up reputation with his funny outlines, melodies, and web nearness. He was born in Baroda, Gujarat, on January 21, 1994.Through his YouTube channel, BB Ki Vines, it was evident that he had become famous for portraying diverse identities and imparting humor and understanding in everyday situations. Bam is renowned for his skill in creating an individual connection with individuals of diverse age and ethnicities. 

He has gained a dedicated following and acknowledged his impact and creativity by virtue of his germane texture and authentic narration. Bhuvan Bam’s versatility as an entertainer has led him to pursue careers in acting, music, and leisure activities. Bam’s international appeal and reputation may be overshadowed by his unwavering enthusiasm and determination to fulfill his destiny, which has left a lasting impression on the highly competitive world.

Is bhuvan bam gujarati?

Yes bhuvan bam is gujarati, He was born in Baroda, Gujarat, on January 21, 1994

Who is bhuvan bam girlfriend?

According to rumours his girlfriend name is Arpita Bhattacharya.

Is bhuvan bam married?

He is still unmarried.

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