Jealousy in Sugar Dating: Why It Happens and How to Handle It

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Although most people make the jump from traditional dating to sugar dating because they’re tired of the drama and jealousy they’ve dealt with in the past, sugar daters are human, too. Every human being knows what it’s like to be jealous, and sometimes even a very emotionally mature person’s feelings can get the best of them.

So that said, yes, jealousy may be less rampant in the sugar bowl than it is the world of traditional dating. But it does occasionally still happen, sometimes when an otherwise level-headed sugar dater least expects it. Here’s a closer look at why, as well as how you should handle it if it ever happens to you.

Why does jealousy occur in sugar relationships?

Whether you’re the one experiencing jealousy or the one dealing with a partner who’s struggling with it, it’s important to get to the bottom of the reasons. Jealousy in sugar daddy dating relationships can be a completely different ballgame as compared to jealousy in friendships and other types of connections with people.

Sometimes the jealousy is about unresolved fears or personal insecurities someone may not have dealt with. And other times something about a current dating situation triggers residual bad feelings leftover from past dating experiences. But even when you do know where the jealousy is coming from, it’s impossible to simply stop feeling it. Instead, it needs to be dealt with and resolved.

Talk things out with your partner.

Unfortunately, people can’t stop feeling something they feel, especially when that feeling is something as irrational as jealousy can be. So the best thing you can do is sit down with your partner and try to talk things out and get to the bottom of the issue together.

But it’s crucial that the conversation doesn’t boil down to telling the person who’s feeling jealous that they need to just get over it or somehow choose to feel differently. Remember, as sugar daters, you and your sugar partner are above that sort of thing. Emotionally mature individuals who care about one another look for a way to work things out instead.

Get to the root of the jealousy together.

Jealousy doesn’t usually exist in a vacuum or come out of nowhere. There’s almost always something specific that triggers it. It can be as small a detail as the way someone holds their phone when they’re texting or as large as a perceived lack of openness when it comes to certain aspects of a person’s life.

It’s important that the jealous person be totally honest about whatever those triggers might be. Their partner can’t help resolve the problem or explain themselves if they don’t know what’s wrong in the first place. It’s also important for the jealous person’s partner to be understanding and really listen without judgment.

Figure out when the jealousy started and why.

It’s important to unpack the source of the jealousy for a couple of reasons. For one thing, it’s crucial to deal with and diffuse such feelings for the good of your relationships. It’s also important for the person’s own wellbeing, as feelings like jealousy tend to recur from relationship to relationship until they’re dealt with.

So work on getting to the bottom of where the jealousy started and why it started. Is this an old feeling indicative of a longstanding relationship pattern. Or are these entirely new feelings that started after something specific happened in your current relationship (like infidelity, to name just one example)?

Build a new foundation of trust.

Trust is essential in any healthy relationship, sugar relationships included. That starts with a habit of engaging in honest, frank conversation, whether there’s an issue to be worked through at the moment or not. This doesn’t mean that either partner has the right to be insensitive to the other person’s feelings, of course. But a sugar relationship should feel like a safe enough space to be honest about disliking a bad habit, a communication style that feels triggering, and so forth.

So sit down with your partner and discuss ways the two of you can build and nurture trust going forward. If you’re in a sugar relationship, then the chances are great that you’re already working from a foundation of honesty and forthrightness when it come to saying what you mean and asking for what you need from one another. But some sugar couples find they still have work to do as far as having some of the tougher conversations people in relationships need to have.

So start there. Discuss deeper issues like hopes, fears, and especially any residual issues from the past that could be affecting you in the present. With enough communication, love, and understanding, it’s entirely possible to overcome difficult feelings like jealousy and keep them from coming back. Get started today. You’ll both be glad you did.

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