5 Types of People You Might Be Surprised to Know Are into Sex Dolls

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When people who haven’t yet taken the plunge into the big, wonderful world of realistic sex dolls picture what they think the typical doll owner looks like, they tend to see the same stereotype. It’s a man, likely young and almost certainly too painfully shy to have much luck dating real women. And if that’s what you honestly think, you’d also be surprised.

There’s actually no such thing as a typical doll owner, so you’d never be able to pick one out of a crowd. And there are as many reasons why a person might decide to buy a doll as there are kinds of people who love owning them. Here’s a closer look at just a few.

  • Women

It’s a common misconception that only men enjoy the realistic experience being with a doll brings to the table because, in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. The vast majority of women today already own and use at least one adult toy as part of their intimate routine, and it’s not as far a jump to owning a doll as you might think.

Many women love the way a doll gives them a safe, authentic way to explore their deepest fantasies, practice their sexual technique, and enjoy a lifelike sexual experience without the complication of adding another person to the mix. Some buy male dolls for this, but there are naturally plenty of women who enjoy the female ones, as well.

  • Couples

As society at large becomes increasingly comfortable with the idea of non-monogamy, couples are embracing more different approaches to their relationships. Of course, some do prefer a traditional take on things that includes monogamy, marriage, and perhaps a typical nuclear family. However, just as many prefer open relationships and other non-traditional partnerships.

There’s a big difference between fantasizing about activities like threesomes or casual sex on the side and actually engaging in them, though. Adding more people to the mix can complicate a relationship or invite drama a couple would rather do without. Investing in one or more sex dolls instead can be a great way to explore different possibilities to the fullest without involving more human people. You might be surprised how many couples are doing that.

  • Elderly People

Sooner or later, every aging person reaches a point where they’ve lived long enough to see many of their friends and perhaps even their life partner pass away. And while they may well still be very involved in their communities or their children’s lives, it’s still incredibly easy to get very lonely sometimes.

After all, there’s really no substitute for a beloved spouse of many decades – even a new spouse – and many older people legitimately prefer staying widowed to dealing with the dating scene all over again. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t get lonely or have sexual needs for which they’d love an outlet. A doll offers a perfect solution, as it’s an ideal source of both sexual and non-sexual companionship. Some elderly doll owners even choose to customize their doll to resemble a beloved deceased partner, the better to feel connected to them even though they’ve passed on.

  • People with High Sex Drives

It’s easy to assume that people with robust sexual appetites always prefer to satisfy their libidos with an endless parade of human sexual partners. But while some definitely do enjoy that, it’s not the case for everyone. Many single people are introverted enough that they’re not always up for hitting the club, the bar, or even their favorite hookup app every time they want to get laid. Others simply like having a go-to outlet that’s always ready when they are.

Owning a doll helps ensure highly sexual people who aren’t always up for actual social interaction with other humans still get to enjoy a realistic, world-class experience. Dolls make great options for people in relationships who have much higher sex drives than their partners, as well.

  • People with Unusual Fantasies

Not everyone who has a pet fetish or a rich fantasy life secretly dreams of exploring that side of their sexual self with another human being. A person’s fantasy life is highly personal, and not everyone wants to share theirs. Plus, fantasies often don’t live up to the hype if a person ever does decide to explore them in reality. However, that doesn’t mean that person doesn’t need an outlet for those interests.

Sure, porn does the job to some extent, but a doll can help take a person’s personal exploration of their sexuality a few steps further and provide deeper satisfaction. And best of all, doll ownership provides that outlet within a space that’s always safe and judgment-free. That’s hard to beat, whether that person also enjoys relationships with other people or not.

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