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Top Bathroom Trends In 2021 For Homeowners Looking To Remodel

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  • Are you a homeowner looking to kickstart this year with a perfect bathroom remodeling project?
  • Do you know what are some of the best bathroom renovation trends you should know about before beginning?
  • Have you looked at bathroom fittings, wallpapers, and deep tubs as experts are recommending as part of the remodel?

In the last few years, bathroom remodel projects have become very popular. Apart from the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the top priorities for homeowners who value relaxation and comfort. There is a lot that is going on in the world of bathroom renovation and trends.

The latest trends offer homeowners a range of options to create a modern and functional bathroom space. Homeowners have a wide range of options to create a modern and functional bathroom space. Whether you’re planning a bathroom remodeling in Mountain View or elsewhere, incorporating quality fixtures can significantly increase your property’s appeal. Keeping up with the latest trends will help you make informed decisions.

As homeowners try to spruce up their bathroom to resemble five-star properties, we give you a low down on the hottest bathroom trends for 2021.

So, if you are someone looking at a bathroom remodeling project shortly, be sure to check this article till the very end.

List of the Top 5 Bathroom Trends for Homeowners in 2021

1. Brass and Metallic Touches-

If you are someone that is looking to up the luxury quotient in their bathroom, check out metallic touches. In the past, some leading designers have experimented with adding brass metallics to window frames, lighting, and other elements in the bathroom. This helps in increasing the luxe factor and adds some much-needed bling to bathrooms.

2. Stunning Bathroom Fittings-

For a very long time, bathroom fittings have been considered akin to jewelry pieces. They continue to be aesthetically pleasing and functionally useful. This is why homeowners need to pay special attention to the way they select the bathroom fittings. Going for great fittings like kohler shower systems can help elevate your bathing experiences and provide comfort.

3. Marbleized Colourful Wallpapers-

Many homeowners are now too fed up with the sci-fi themes that have come to dominate bathroom looks. They are now opting for more neutral and soothing palettes. This is why designers suggest that marbleized colorful wallpapers are trending and are very much in fashion in 2021. They can help your bathroom get an entirely new royal personality.

4. Deep Tubs-

Leading designers have pointed out that homeowners are increasingly requesting deep soaking tubs. One reason for the same is because the pandemic has put an end to spa and sauna visits. Homeowners are trying to recreate the comfortable experience from the safety of their homes. This is why deep tubs are in high demand and are trending as a top accessory.

5. Integrated Lighting Solutions-

If you want to add that wow factor to your bathroom, ditch exposed lighting for integrated solutions. For example, you can use integrated lighting in the backdrop of your mirror. With lighting solutions becoming technologically advanced, you can look to integrate them in smart ways in different parts of the bathroom. They do not look obtrusive and give a cool vibe.

How Bathroom Remodelling can help the Family?

We all spend a lot of time in our bathrooms. This means that creating a comfortable and attractive bathroom is of great importance. A bathroom is a place where we all retreat for some nice moments of relaxation.

Realtors and real estate agents point out that having a great and attractive bathroom helps in increasing the market valuation of the house. They state that bathrooms and kitchens are two rooms in the household that can push a property’s value sky-high. This can help the homeowners get a price that is well above the market rate as well.

At the end of the day, every one of us wants to take a nice long hot shower to wash off our tiredness after a full day of work. Having a bathroom that is beautiful and functional can add a lot to your productivity, good health, and mental happiness.

The Final Word

In this article, we discussed the top bathroom trends in 2021 that you should check out. If you need any more help about your bathroom renovation questions, drop them in the comments section. We will try our best to answer as many of them as possible.

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