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Is hair transplant a success or failure?

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Despite the development of the advanced technology in the field of hair transplant, it didn’t stop people from asking repeatedly, “Is hair transplant a success or failure?”

Anxiety is a natural human reaction, mainly prior to hair transplantation. Moreover, the satisfaction obtained from a successful hair transplantation procedure exceeds the patients’ expectations. If one is planning to undergo hair transplant, it is important to educate yourself about the treatment. Consult a hair transplant clinic with a highly specialized doctor and a proven track record of success. This will help you become acquainted with possible problems one may encounter and how to prevent them.

Factors that decide the effectiveness of hair transplantation

Hair transplant is one of the most effective methods which helps patients to deal with hair loss. The factors that contribute for the effectiveness of a hair transplantation are listed below:

  • Hair thickness and shape – Doctor determines the best candidate by identifying the hair  cross-sectional area. Baldness is more common in the thinning partsr. If the hair is thick it will effectively cover the baldness. Moreover, the hair shape makes a lot of difference which means wavy or curly hair will give more coverage to the scalp.
  • Flexible Scalp – In tight skin scalp, it can create problems with the treatment. Patients should have loose scalp as hair follicles can be inserted easily.
  • Particular hair colour is best – Hair transplants are successful when patients have lighter hair, the color related to skin color. Candidates can get better results with less contrast between scalp color and hair and get better coverage also.
  • No scalp disease or alopecia – Individuals willing to undergo hair transplant surgery should not have a dermatological condition as it can waste money and time. In addition, if someone has diffuse unpatterned alopecia then hair transplant is not ideal for them.
  • Cost factor is important – When one decides to undergo hair transplant treatment, the hair transplant cost factor is important. Make sure to not choose a cheap treatment plan, as desired results might get affected. The results of hair transplantation are long-term so make sure the first time is done in the right way. On the basis of the grafts required, the surgeon will tell the cost of the treatment.

Why do hair transplants fail?

If one is looking for the best hair transplant procedure or clinic, it is imperative to read this guide and understand why hair transplants fail. This will make sure what to look out for.

  • Inexperience of the surgeon – Hair transplant is a meticulous procedure that should be performed by well-trained and highly skilled professionals. It takes a lot of time and effort to master this skill and it cannot be performed successfully with an inexperienced surgeon. An experienced surgeon will be able to make a hair transplant appear natural, inserting hair at the correct angle and at a density that suits the existing hair.
  • Insufficient post-operative care – The after care process is as important as the surgery itself. A patient who ignores or does not understand the aftercare process is one of the reasons for hair transplant failure. To avoid post-operative complications, follow the doctor’s instructions and advice precisely.
  • Unsuitable candidate – Remember not everyone is a good candidate for hair transplant surgery. Prior to the surgery, obtaining a detailed medical history and information on the patient’s genetics, elucidating topics such as the surgical procedure as well as post-operative stage is crucial. The doctor will evaluate the candidacy based on various tests and medical examination. An unfavorable result of hair transplant may occur if the patient is not a good candidate for the procedure.
  • Dishonesty in hair transplant clinics – Not all people working in the medical field are always kind and honest. Some clinics have dishonest staff and even illegal procedures. If a hair transplant clinic is only after the money, they will not give importance to the well-being, health and to provide a satisfactory hair transplant outcome. The reputation of doctor and clinic as well as patients reviews are highly important to overcome this issue.

What to do to ensure that hair transplantation is successful?

Doing proper, thorough research before opting hair transplantation is necessary for successful results. Some points to ensure successful hair transplant are:

  • Choose the right hair transplant surgeon who has enough experience and expertise to perform hair transplant surgery
  • Before the surgery, talk to the surgeon about the medications going on as he may ask to stop certain medications
  • Stop smoking or drinking at least one week before the surgery
  • On the day of hair transplant surgery, do not apply any styling products, gel or sprays.
  • Cover your head for 3 months if out in sunlight for more than 30 minutes.
  • Limit physical activities in the first week after surgery.
  • Washing the hair helps in falling off scabs and speeds up the healing. Shampoo and lotion provided by the medical team should be used every day till one month.


One need not to worry about the hair transplant failure as long as they pay close attention to all the issues prior to taking action. The pivotal point is to find a hair transplant clinic and hair transplant expert where one could find the answers of their questions and that produces successful outcomes. It is advised to follow post-op instructions given by the surgeon for successful hair transplantation results.

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