iPhone 15 vs iPhone 16

iPhone 15 vs iPhone 16: What Are The Similarities?

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iPhone 15 vs iPhone 16

Here’s a head-to-head comparison between iPhone 15 vs iPhone 16 to help you decide whether to wait or not. Recently, photos of iPhone 16 have been leaked on social media before its launch. On this basis iPhone 15 vs iPhone 16 have been compared,


‌iPhone 15‌‌iPhone 16‌
Diagonally arranged rear camera arrayVertically arranged rear camera array to support spatial video capture
Ring/Silent switchAction Button
 “Capture Button” to trigger photography and videography features
iPhone 15: 171g weight
iPhone 15 Pro Max: 201g weight
iPhone 16: 173g weight (+1%)
iPhone 16 Pro Max: 203g weight (+1%)

Chip, Memory, and Connectivity

‌iPhone 15‌‌iPhone 16‌
A16 Bionic chip (TSMC’s “N4P” enhanced 5nm process)A18 chip (TSMC’s “N3E” enhanced 3nm process)
16-core Neural EngineEnhanced Neural Engine with “significantly” more cores to support new AI features
6GB memory8GB memory (+33%)
Wi-Fi 6 connectivityWi-Fi 6E connectivity

Batteries and Charging

‌iPhone 15‌‌iPhone 16‌
Single-layer battery technologyStacked battery technology for increased energy density and prolonged lifespan
iPhone 15: 3,349 mAh battery
iPhone 15 Pro Max: 4,383 mAh battery
iPhone 16: 3,561 mAh battery (+6%)
iPhone 16 Pro Max: 4,006 mAh battery (-9%)
Up to 27W wired chargingUp to 40W wired charging (48% faster)
15W charging via MagSafe20W charging via ‌MagSafe‌ (33% faster)

Upgraded Features

‌iPhone 15‌‌iPhone 16‌
 More efficient OLED display with brighter micro-lens technology
 Spatial video capture
Upcoming support for new AI features in iOS 18Upcoming support for new AI features in ‌iOS 18‌, plus a suite of device-exclusive AI features
MicrophoneUpgraded microphone with improved signal-to-noise ratio and water resistance, designed to support new AI features
Available in Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow, and BlackAvailable in Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow, Black, White, and Purple

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