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Important aspects of a Prince2 foundation timeline

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One of the most important aspects of a business for all aspects is timeliness, which also is known as Critical Path Management. Without timeliness, it is impossible to meet service deadlines, just as impossible to meet your revenue numbers. To help your company improve timeliness, I have developed a set of Prince2 foundation project Management best practices to help you to improve your productivity.

Prince2 foundation projects are like the materials you have in hand. Take the same piece of wood, and refine it over and over. However, as the process for refinement takes place, you do a little more than just cut it up and cut it up again. You can see more of the wood at each step of the process, and even though each step of the process results in less of the wood, the bottom line determines the final outcome. In the case of prince2 foundation project management, you are creating the end product with each prince2 foundation project you implement.

Another thing to consider is scope. To some managers, this seems like the most important element of a prince2 foundation project. To others, it seems to be a minor part of the process. In this case, there is scope definition, and then you can look at the actual item on the list of items humanity has. As you look the list, don’t forget to look at the description as well. We all tend to be “optimistic” enough to think we have a general idea of what we believe the prince2 foundation project will be, but we tend to try to make our definition of scope more accurate. Often those who have the most realistic descriptions might not be the most enthusiastic when it comes to describing their list of details. If that is the case, get as accurate a description as possible. When you look at the revisions in the list you created, you were looking at, you may discover some changes that made that list wrong. That is best left as what it is right now, but because those changes are part of the process, make sure to look at the new version in detail. It will allow you to make sure you have correctly arrived at the detail that changes were made.

Another reason we work on a set of prince2 foundation projects is to set up a system for it to become more efficient, and in that process we will also see better results. Often the people on the prince2 foundation project are not current with the direction of the prince2 foundation project. If that is the case, they spend excess time, which is a waste of time and further reduces your production rate. The keys here are that first you have to define a specific direction for the prince2 foundation project, and then try to execute that direction. This will allow you to measure where things are accomplishing productivity.

Most of the time when I present these concepts in workshops, I can’t tell you the number of times I have found that some of those individuals involved in a group have been incorrect. In addition, I have found that there are individuals who are good at some aspects of prince2 foundation project management, but very defective at others. I recommend that you look for those that are good at each element, and assign them clearly to multiple prince2 foundation projects. We have all been at the end of the process where one or more people are involved and they are holding up the process, and resulting in less productive work group meetings. This is because they could not answer any of the questions or misinterpret what questions were asked.

This is just one of many concepts we can use to help improve the productivity of your organization. When I work with clients, I find that I get more time back than when I just present this information in a workshop. However, to get this much benefit, you must get agreement from your department that they want to correct these errors. This means you should take time for comments, audits, and then follow up to make sure that they understood what was taken to them.

The paper and pencil approach, and learning about prince2 foundation project management at the same time is a tried and true way of improving productivity, using the approaches listed above. I wish you the best of success.

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