Agile ways of Working That Could Give You Extra Flexibility in 2021

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2020 was a year in which our ways of working changed. 2021 could see a lot of companies return to something like normality, but what fresh ideas should you continue with or else introduce this year?

Let Staff Work from Home

The Office for National Statistics revealed early in 2021 that close to half of all workers in the UK were now commuting again, following a long period in which many people started home working for the first time. Yet, there are some good reasons to believe that carrying on with a remote working culture could be beneficial.

Studies carried out on this subject suggest that working from home helps people to be more productive and happier with their jobs. It is also beneficial to the environment, as we cut down on the number of trips made every day. Even just working from home one or two days a week can make a positive difference.

Make it a Shorter Working Week

There has been debate for some time over whether condensing the five-day working week into just four days may or may not be a good idea. Spain is set to try the shorter working week, while there are also plans in place for a trial in India, following on from trial runs in other countries.

Among the benefits that have been discovered in the past, working for just four days instead of five is said to lower stress levels and help increase job satisfaction. Of course, it also makes it easier for workers to find the right balance in their lives between work and home.

Choose Agile Projects

Many businesses are looking for better ways to run their projects, as they find that overly stiff, formal methodologies aren’t what they need for a modern, forward-looking approach. This is why there has been a move towards getting Agile training for staff and using this methodology from now on.

The Agile method gives greater flexibility without losing any of the control needed on projects. The fact that testing is integrated into the project makes the final product better, while the way that customers get more involved in the project helps to keep them satisfied too.

Give Team Members More Chance to Provide Suggestions

One of the great opportunities that many businesses miss out on is that of getting new ideas from their team members. The people who carry out the job are in the best position to provide feedback and suggest possible new ways of working.

A staff suggestion scheme can give your team a great incentive to think of improvements that would make life easier for everyone. By including some sort of reward element in it, you also ensure that they will feel even better about putting forward their ideas.

By adopting any of these ideas, you will be making your company more flexible. More importantly, it will become a more attractive place for the team to work, which could help you to attract and retain staff more easily.

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