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Importance of WeChat marketing on Chinese Market

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Since its launch in 2011, WeChat has become a sensation in the Chinese market. The social media network numbers are mind-boggling 1.17 billion users with 902 million daily users. This is the fifth largest social media app in the world, and it keeps growing. Like other social media platforms, WeChat started as a place for friends and family to bond, but it has now become a powerful marketing platform.

With more people now on social media in China, businesses continue to leverage the power of these platforms to grow their influence and reach a wider audience. Find out here about the importance of WeChat marketing for your brand in the Chinese market.

Overview of WeChat

Tencent launched WeChat as a messaging APP into a world then dominated by Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and a few other social media networks. The project began at the Tencent Guangzhou Research and Project centre in 2010 and by 2018, had grown into the world’s largest standalone mobile app.

Over the years, the mobile app has expanded capability to provide text messaging, hold-to-talk voice messaging, broadcasting (one-to-many) messaging, video games, video conferencing, photo and videos, and location sharing.

With WeChat business mode, marketers can now maintain and nurture B2B and B2C relationships through the app. On the B2C mode, you can launch advertisements and provide services through your company’s WeChat Official Account. This WeChat mode is popular with businesses across all industries such as banks, hospitals, banks, fashion companies, digital companies and personal blogs.

On the WeChat B2B business mode, individuals can leverage the wide reach of the social media network to boost sales. Here you can post product photos and messages on the WeChat Moments or WeChat groups. The idea is to have people enquire about products or services and sell these to your WeChat friends.

Why Use WeChat for Your Business Marketing in China?

If you have a business running in China or you intend to start one, appreciate the power of social media. About 59% of the population is on social media, and you can leverage this reach to grow your brand.

With WeChat topping as the biggest social media platform in the country, there’s every reason to build your presence on the platform. Here are other reasons to start using WeChat for business marketing in the country:

  • Effective Marketing

While traditional marketing techniques are still available in China, they’re difficult to use. The country’s large population might be difficult to reach with print advertisements or billboards. Likewise, television and radio are not effective and this is where digital marketing comes in handy.

Internet penetration in the country is over 95% and as more people join the social media bandwagon, you’ve to position your brand tactfully. WeChat provides the best outlet for brands targeting the younger, vibrant population.

This is the population driving the country’s revolution, and they’re always connected. If you have any chance of reaching Millennials and Gen Z in China, take your business digital and go social.

  • Versatile Marketing Platform

With WeChat, you get a ready tool for business with features optimized to help marketers reach their target audiences. On the app, you can chat, share photos and links, and post videos. With WeChat Work, you can do even more with access to third-party apps to manage your marketing campaigns.

You can integrate third-party apps to leverage data and get customer insights on your network. This helps you create personalized campaigns for more effective results. You also get automation tools, CRM tools, and many others in this business WeChat mode.

  • Build Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is critical on the digital landscape but also the toughest aspect of marketing. Find innovative ways to keep your leads engaged with your brand and nurture them into loyal customers.

WeChat offers this opportunity because of the messaging feature, which is the core function of the app. Business communication tool is now shifting from email to social media because of the speed and always-on nature of mobile apps.

You can quickly respond to customer feedback or solve a complaint in a matter of seconds on WeChat. You can follow up on a lead based on data you have received from analytics tools.

  • Online Selling Opportunity

If you have an online store for your brand in China, this is not enough to sustain your business. Find other outlets and find upsell opportunities. WeChat is one such platform where you can post products and services with your online store on the platform. For improved engagement levels, set notifications for your target customers.

Final Thoughts

WeChat is a behemoth in online communication, but you can also harness its wide reach to grow your business. With the versatile range of features and ever-growing reach, you have a platform to grow your business rapidly. There are opportunities for customization and increased brand visibility when you set up your WeChat business platform.

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