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How To Prepare For The Mobile App Launch

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It is difficult to imagine a modern person without a smartphone in his hands. Informational Internet space literally captivated each of us. We search for information in search engines and install dozens of applications on our mobile devices. These are applications that make us more productive and our life much easier.

If you are the developer of mobile software, you definitely know that there are dozens of applications that are similar to the one you’ve created. You have to do your best to make yours unique. And, of course, without a proper mobile app marketing strategy it will be very difficult to gain the amounts of the installs you are dreaming of.

For making your mobile product stand out from its competitors, you need to prepare all necessary materials, such as creatives, messaging, app’s listings, etc. Check out the list below to make sure you have everything necessary done:

App Store Optimization

It’s a process of optimizing the page of your software in the app marketplaces, doing your best to make it look perfect so that potential users could find your application faster and install it without a doubt. In other words, you will need to create a professionally written app description using relevant keywords, create appealing graphics including the unique icon and screenshots, and add other necessary metadata to increase the number of the installs. The approaches to ASO for applications and games are almost the same. The difference is mostly only in the nature of the search quieres: for example, applications are searched by problems to be solved, and games – by their names and genres.

People often make choices according to someone’s experience

The media allows you to reach a large number of potential users. Using the right approach to this promotion channel, you can get excellent results. Compile a list of the journalists who write articles and software reviews in your field. Create the pitch. Don’t make it too long, describe the best sides of your application, add the necessary links and the terms which are suitable for you. For example, if you have developed a language learning app or website, search for reviewers and bloggers who review similar software and provide tips on various language learning techniques and challenges learners may face. These journalists should be the most interested in reviewing your product. After you have pitched this list, you can compile another one containing general tech software reviewers to try your luck there as well.

YouTube is another huge platform for app marketing

If you know how to use it as a source of additional traffic, this resource can obtain an unlimited number of application installs. You can order a simple mention or a dedicated video review, depending on the budget that you plan to spend. This way your potential users become familiar with the features and capabilities of your application and are ready to use it. To organize work with bloggers, you should decide on which channels the desired audience is most often found. As a matter of fact, the target audience and its preferences should be worked out at the very beginning of the application design, so that this issue does not require further thought. As soon as you find the suitable YouTube channel, write a message to the blogger. It is important to focus on the fact that the review should be real and not faked advertising. He has to indicate not only the positive aspects, but also those nuances that he did not like or caused irritation.

That’s only a small part of your pre-launch app marketing strategy. Other steps include all types of advertising, promotion on social media, etc. To achieve big results you have to work harder and harder all the time.

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