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How To Sign Up For Instant Messengers Without Phone Number

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Every currently existing instant messaging app requires users to verify their identity by providing and confirming their mobile phone number. This is done to provide people with more security and get rid of fraudsters. But sometimes this feature brings not only benefits but also difficulties. For example, at one moment it might become impossible to use a personal phone number to perform this action. Moreover, some users also don’t like to share their personal information including phone numbers on the internet. It might lead to receiving spam in the future. In all these cases, it is enough to use a temporary phone number to get around this problem.

Temporary numbers in essence

This service began to gain popularity relatively recently. For this reason, many people have no idea what temporary phone numbers are. However, in its essence, this feature does not represent anything unusual or complicated. Such numbers are almost the same as real ones. They also work in a network and are assigned to a SIM card of a particular mobile operator.

The only difference is that they are way easier to get and can be activated with an internet connection only. To obtain a temporary number users just need to sign up for a specialized platform that provides them. There is no need to go anywhere as well as to provide any personal information like in the case of purchasing a SIM card from a cell phone carrier.

Since it is obtained within specialized services, there is no need for a mobile phone at all. You can use temporary phone numbers to sign up for any online app or website using a laptop, notebook, or even personal computer. This allows taking an advantage of this service when located in any country in the world.

Registration not only on instant messengers

Temporary numbers now have a wide range of uses. You can use them not only to sign up for instant messaging applications but also for other online services. In particular, temporary phone numbers can be used to set up accounts with:

  • Social media networks;
  • Online markeplaces;
  • Thematic forums, etc.

In principle, there are no restrictions in this regard. You can use temporary numbers to register on any website or app that requires or offers the user to confirm his mobile number during the registration process. Moreover, they are also suitable for verification purposes. A temporary phone number is the right way to go if an account has been created but doesn’t work properly because it has not been verified.

Using temporary numbers for sign up

There are now many platforms on the internet that offer this opportunity. However, it is important to make the right choice as it directly affects the cost and quality of received service. Currently, one of the best options to get a temporary phone number is undoubtedly provided by SMS-Man.

This platform offers all the solutions for those who want to sign up for an account on any instant messaging service as well as any other service on the internet. In order for it to work, users have to carry out a simple registration that takes no more than a minute and replenish the balance. You can see for yourself:

  1. Proceed to the mentioned platform and register.
  2. Use a suitable payment method from the relevant tab to add funds to your balance.
  3. Select the country of the cellular provider for the temporary number on the main page.
  4. Open the section with available internet platforms and find the instant messaging service with which you are going to register.
  5. Press the buy button.

You will automatically receive a temporary phone number with chosen parameters as result. Now just copy it and use it for the intended purpose. For this, put it on the registration form on chosen instant messenger, request a verification code, and after that use the received code to create an account.

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