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How to figure out the best mode of study

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Nowadays, there are multiple ways you can study the subject you desire. However, due to the vast amount of choice, sometimes making that decision can prove quite tricky. You may also possibly not be aware of all the choices that are out there. To help you out, the following displays the various modes of studying you can do.

Traditional way of study

The first one is probably the most common way of study, and that is heading into university for face-to-face teaching full-time. This can be done by either staying at home and commuting or moving away from home and into university accommodation/student housing. This will also involve sticking to a strict schedule and doesn’t always leave much time to do anything else. Most students choose to take this route. However, it’s not always for everyone. For example, if you are a parent or need to work to support your studies, this route may not be for you; however, there are other modes of study you can take instead. Having said that, doing full-time studying means you can finish your education sooner and get into the job of your dreams much faster too.

Part-time study

This is often the preferred way of studying for people who have other aspects of their life they need to fulfill, such as parents and those who work. Part-time study allows for you to study in your chosen field while also working a job to help you pay for your studies or be a parent to your child, something that full-time study doesn’t always allow time for. However, a downside to doing the part-time study is it takes longer to complete the course than it would if you were to do a full-time course, so this is something you would need to consider upon your application.

Online study

Online studying is one that has grown a lot of traction since the Covid-19 pandemic and is one that many students are deciding to choose over face-to-face teaching. While pre-pandemic, only a handful of universities would offer this, there is now an increasing uptake in the number of universities who offer this way of studying. For example, UTA offers an online RN to BSN program, and this way of studying is like a part-time study in that it allows you to keep hold of your personal and professional life. However, unlike part-time study, if you weren’t able to attend a class for whatever reason, the online study gives you the flexibility to choose when and where you study, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on any important information.


When it comes to the mode of study you are looking for, hopefully, you found something for you within the traditional (full-time), part-time or online study. When choosing this mode of study, it is important you pick the right one for you as this course is going to last at least a year or possibly longer depending on the type of course, you go for. Knowing you can commit your all to it while also allowing for you to keep up with the other areas in your life is important.

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