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How to Farm Pirate Coins in the Lost Ark?

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In Lost Ark, Pirate Coins are used to buy a variety of essential items and upgrades. In order to obtain this currency, players will have to do a little sailing around.

Lost Ark explorers will utilize Pirate Coins to acquire a broad variety of products and services, from honing materials to enhancements to their strongholds. In addition, these coins are the sole way through which players may gain rare collector goods, such as the Song of Resonance, a Sheet Music piece used to uncover secret locations inside the map. Lost Ark gamers will need to know how to make the most out of their time spent cultivating this resource.

Pirate Coins may be obtained in abundance on the islands spread around Lost Ark’s map. Pirate Coins may be gained via special island quest chains, in particular. Players will, however, require boat travel to visit these places and their associated questlines in Lost Ark. At the completion of the fourth regional narrative, players will be able to travel across the continent by ship during the main campaign. Players will be able to sail around Lost Ark’s waters after finishing “Set Sail!” in East Luterra.

Once players gain access to the water, one of the first areas they may go to for harvesting Pirate Coins is Golden Wave Island, situated just off the west coast of Arthetine. Another perfect place is Turtle Island, where players may begin the Turtle Mount quest chain in Lost Ark. North of Golden Wave lies Runaway Island, which will reward players with thousands of Pirate Coins for task completion. Freedom Isle features one of the greatest questlines, paying players with 15,000 Pirate Coins in total prizes. Blackfang’s Den, Lost Ark gold located south of Freedom Isle, is another excellent location for effectively collecting Pirate Coins.

For The Lost Ark, a Pirate Coin Farming Guide is provided.

In addition to Kaltherz, which can be found on the northern side of the World Map, there are many more fantastic locations to find Pirate Coins. Following that, the Sublime Isle, located in the far west of Shushire, will reward players with tens of thousands of coins for completing the quest chain. After then, players should think about finishing the following three more islands: Atropos, the Giant Mushroom Island, and the Isle of Yearning, cheap Lost Ark Gold among others. When searching for these islands on the World Map, Lost Ark fans will be able to quickly discover any island they are looking for using the “search” option.

Many of the islands mentioned above will also provide explorers with High Seas Coin Chests as a reward for their efforts. These chests contain one-of-a-kind coins that may be exchanged with ship merchants docked in strategic locations in exchange for tens of thousands of Pirate Coins. However, before converting their cash into Pirate Coins, players should double-check that they haven’t forgotten to purchase any vital renovations or supplies.

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