How to Do PMP Exam Prep

How to Do PMP Exam Prep

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Why Did I Learn PMP?

PMP certification has a great value. Many large enterprises will have some project management training for the middle level employees, which shows that company leaders attach great importance to the project management ability of employees. At that time, I just met some bottlenecks in my work and wanted to seek some breakthroughs, so I began to plan to prepare for the PMP certification exam and to query the relevant information on the Internet.

How Did I Prepare?

Two days after I signed up for the exam, I received the training materials from SPOTO, a thick book which contains chapter exercises and handouts. At the same time, the head teacher Zheng sent me the learning plan and asked me to extensively read the book(PMBOK) once and intensively read it twice. My learning plan is as follows:

  1. According to the teacher’s requirements, I read through the PMBOK first, regardless of whether I can remember it or not. It took three weeks (two to three hours a day). While I was doing intensive reading the second time, I draw out the main points in the book. After reading a chapter of PMBOK, I read the corresponding chapter of the handout intensively, and then continued to do chapter exercises. I wrote the answer on a piece of paper while doing chapter exercises, then checked the answer and understand the answer.
  2. The contents of daily listening should be carefully listened to. The contents in it are easy to understand. There are many explanations for professional vocabulary, and there are also exercise questions. After finishing the exercises, we should carefully look at the analysis for every questions regardless of your answer.
  3. Online text tutoring has been carried out in the whole process of my PMP exam prep. Although it is text tutoring, the content in it is easier to understand than the translation in PMBOK. In the process of teaching, the teacher will give many easy examples to help us comprehend. At the same time, there will be exercises at the end of each class. If you don’t understand, you can ask questions in time and the teacher will answer you patiently.
  4. I listened to the ITTO enhanced memory recording in PMBOK 6th edition on the way to work, on the way driving. Download it on your mobile phone, and repeat listening when you have time.
  5. Take offline PMP certification course. I think offline course is very important. The time of class is tight, we must listen carefully. We can not only can listen to the teacher’s explanation, but also ask questions at any time if you have. After reading PMBOK twice and attending the offline course, you must totally handle fifteen matrix and can be able to write from memory. At this time, the overall framework has been completed. What you need to do next is to fill the gaps.
  6. Review after offline course. After offline course, the teacher will send the exercises. After finishing the exercises, do the previous chapter exercises again. At this time, you can directly write the answers on the exercises and compare them with the previous answers. Find out the reasons why the answers are different. Focus on reviewing the corresponding knowledge in PMBOK, which is the third time to read PMBOK.
  7. Exchange ideas with fellow students. If you meet questions that you don’t understand or did it wrong, you can communicate with your fellow students. We brainstorm together and find out the results. If there is any objection, find the teacher for answer.
  8. PMP mock exam must be completed in accordance with the provisions of each test within 3 hours. Wisely arrange your time to do the exam. If you are sure, fill in the answer directly. If you are not sure, follow your instinct and make a mark. If time permits, you can make a second check to your answer. For wrong questions you did, understand it by referring to the explanation. Check the knowledge in the textbook and consult the teacher, and then practice repeatedly.

In class, listen to the teacher’s explanation to the wrong questions you did in PMP mock exam and discuss with the students to exchange some ideas. In the last week, do exercises repeatedly every day, and strengthen the knowledge through plenty of practice.

What Did I Learn from My PMP Exam Prep?

After three months of hard work, the PMP exam is finally over. Fortunately, there is a good result and I got 5A! Finally, I want to tell you that PMP certification is just a certificate, and the most important thing is what you learn in the preparation process and how to apply it in your work in the future.

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