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How to Distribute Spotify Podcasts

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Spotify allows you to distribute your podcast to Spotify by signing up for Spotify for Podcasters. You can distribute your podcast while recording in real time, or upload a file saved in WAV, MP3, AAC, or other formats. Be careful to copyright the audio and images you use in your podcast.

A podcast is a form of audio content that is distributed over the internet, similar to an internet radio station, allowing listeners to enjoy their favorite shows at their convenience. It is projected that by 2023, podcast listenership in Japan will surpass 20%, indicating a growing trend in recent years.

Even popular music streaming service Spotify has introduced an app called “Spotify for Podcasters,” which enables anyone to distribute their own podcasts. While residents in Japan cannot monetize their podcasts through Spotify, they can still gain popularity and increase their visibility. In this article, we will introduce the process of distributing podcasts on Spotify.

How to Distribute Spotify Podcasts

Download Spotify for Podcasters and create an account. Depending on the version of your smartphone, download the app and log in. Once logged in, go to the podcast settings. Choose “Your Podcast” from the bottom menu and click on the “…” in the top right corner. Let’s proceed to “Podcast Settings”.

You can customize the following:

– Podcast name – Podcast description – Category – Language – Artwork

Settings can be changed at any time, and artwork can be uploaded later as well. If you want to learn about amazonミュージック オフライン, you can read this article.

Record a podcast

Let’s start recording the podcast.

Step 1: Select “Tools” from the bottom menu and choose “Record” from the “+” option. spotify podcast

Step 2: Click on “Stop” when the recording is finished. spotify podcast

Adding music to the podcast

Step 1: Click on “Add Background Music” and select the music you want to add. Preview the music by clicking the play button and add it with the “+” button. spotify podcast

Step 2: Click on “Save”, and it will automatically blend the recorded voice and music. Wait until the process is completed. spotify podcast

Publishing the podcast

Step 1: Once the processing is complete, the “Publish” button will be clickable. Preview it before publishing. spotify podcast

Step 2: Click on the “…” next to the music note (♫) to trim the audio. spotify podcast

Step 3: Enter the episode title and description, and click on “Publish”.

How to Create a Spotify Podcast Promo Card

The promo card is a graphic card created to promote podcasts available on Spotify. It can be created in various sizes and formats, and can be used through various methods such as social media, blogs, and email.

Step 1: Access the promo card creation page and click on “GET STARTED.”

Step 2: Search for your podcast and set the color and other settings.

Step 3: Choose the format that aligns with the social media platform you want to share it on (vertical, horizontal, square, etc.), and click on “SHARE.” You can then directly share it on Facebook or Twitter (formerly known as X), or copy the link.

How to Download Spotify Podcasts

To download podcasts on Spotify, you can use the app’s download feature. This feature is available for Spotify Premium subscribers. By downloading podcasts, you can listen to them offline without an internet connection, which can help save on mobile data usage.

To download a podcast episode, open the episode and tap on the download button. The downloaded episodes can be found in the “Downloaded” section of “My Library”.

It’s important to note that downloaded episodes can only be played within the Spotify app and cannot be transferred to other devices or played offline using other media players.

Use MusicFab Spotify Converter for Free Plan

The downloading feature on Spotify is only available for premium plan users. Therefore, a recommended solution is to use MusicFab Spotify Converter to download music and podcasts as MP3 files.

MusicFab Spotify Converter is a software that allows users to spotify ダウンロード music and podcasts in formats such as MP3 and WAV. Even free plan users can enjoy ad-free and lossless downloads with this software.

You can also download podcast titles and artwork along with the episodes, making it convenient even for podcasts with a large number of episodes!

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