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Why don’t you go and buy followers on Spotify right now?

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Music platforms have made it much easier for aspiring artists to develop in this area. To become a musician, you now have to do little, just write music. Then you only need to record a track and upload it to the platform, then the algorithms will promote you, compose playlists with you, and you will see statistics by which you can evaluate your progress. All that remains is to sit and enjoy your success. Maybe it was once so, but now, due to this apparent simplicity in the musical field, there has been a huge competition among novice musicians for the attention of the viewer. Now you need to attract the attention of not only the listeners, but also the algorithms of the music platform. For example, Spotify cannot promote everyone, as it has an audience of over 350 million users, of which 1.2 million are artists. Among so many musicians, you need to choose the most worthy for promotion, you need to buy followers on Spotify!

Therefore, many novice musicians give up so quickly, they do not see the results, since they do not make the necessary efforts for this. Self-promotion also may not bear fruit. First, publishing posts, stories with a link to your songs, adding popular hashtags can help with the recruitment of first subscribers and plays, but then it will no longer help. Even if you decide to launch a target on social networks, this also may not help you much, since it needs to be configured, and specially trained people are able to do it well. And in this case, you should be promoting in Spotify itself. For example, you can buy followers on Spotify. This will help you improve your stats, and the better your stats, the more attractive you become to the algorithms.

Why do I advise you to pay attention to subscribers? Because with the growing number of them, the trust in you as a performer will increase. People love numbers and tend to pay attention to and listen to a song from someone with more followers than someone who has few. Why is that? Because people, when subscribing to a musician, seem to say that “You are cool, we like your music, we want to listen to it all the time,” and other people tend to trust their choice, therefore, a large number of followers makes us trust the artist.

Therefore, do not be afraid to declare yourself, show people your cool tracks, draw their attention to yourself. The main thing is, do not stop and go to your goal, never give up and remember that there are always both ups and downs, and if something does not work out now, it will definitely work out in the future.

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