How to clean upholstery?

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Upholstered furniture is precious in your home as it embellishes the space and makes it more comfortable. You enjoy having it in your home, but maintaining and cleaning upholstered furniture can be daunting for most. Upholstery maintenance is quite tricky, especially with heavy stains. No one is exempt from a blemish, and accidents happen, especially if you have pets or children at home! Upholstery cleaning services in Schofields are numerous, and you can turn to professional cleaning services in case of smelly or stubborn stains but also for general maintenance. This post will tell you everything about the professional upholstery cleaning service process.

Why call for professional cleaning services in Schofields?

You may have tried the DIY method by vacuuming, cleaning with a damp cloth or a sponge, rinsing and drying, but still, the stain is resisting. You may have silk or antique fabrics with tremendous value, so you should turn to an upholstery cleaning service in Schofields. You can find affordable and competent services, saving time, money and useless efforts. To protect your upholstery, prolong its lifespan and keep it like new, there is no better solution than professional work.

You can use cleaning companies for regular maintenance, but you must call them in case of emergency: pet accidents leave irreversible damage if they are not taking charge immediately. The smell occurring can also be dangerous for your health. Do not hesitate to call cleaning services in Schofield.

What services can you expect?

A professional cleaning company must use professional equipment and well-trained cleaning agents to provide you with the best results.

First, the professional cleaner will inspect your upholstery to check the fabric material and determine the best cleaning method. The stains will be checked to see if some need specific treatment. All information about the manufacturer’s care will be collected for future use to follow their instruction and keep your upholstery in shape.

The more stubborn stains will need a pre-treatment. The cleaner will determine and apply a specific cleaning solution to treat it gently before the primary cleaning. This will allow the fibre to smooth so the stain can be removed.

Your cleaner will determine the primary treatment depending on the upholstery fabric and its condition.

You can expect steam cleaning, which is one of the most effective methods but unsuitable for delicate materials. Hot water and cleaning solutions are sprayed into your upholstery fibres, and then a professional vacuum is used to remove dirt and stains.

A dry cleaning is used with “S” and “X” care labels, which classify fabrics that can’t be cleaned with water. Your specialised agent will apply a solvent-based solution to remove the stains and wash all fibres.

Wet or dry vacuums or extractors will remove the cleaning solution to prevent moisture and mould from growing if the fibres stay wet for an extended period.

Your cleaning agent will carefully inspect your upholstery, checking for remaining stains. He will apply specific solutions if needed.

Pet accidents, dust and dirt of just time can leave a strong smell on your upholstery. Sanitisation and deodorisation of your fabrics are a must to remove odours, and they also give the advantage of eliminating any bacteria and allergens.

Then, it will be time for drying. It is crucial to get a quick and efficient drying process for your upholstery to prevent mould and mildew growth. The cleaning company could use air drying and fans to speed up the process.

Finally, your cleaning agent will proceed with a final inspection to ensure that your furniture is as clean as it should be. This is also a moment for you to appreciate the cleaning services.

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