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How to Buy the Right Fake Lashes for Your Eye Shape

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There are times when you wish to jazz up your lashes, and mascara just does not seem enough.  After all, most folks aren’t endowed with naturally curly, long, curled lashes which draw attention to the eyes. Don’t worry. Today, brands like Kiss Lashes offer a wide range of fake eyelashes, and there is something for everyone.

False lashes are a thing of beauty. You may want your lashes to be fluffy, wispy, or so luscious and long that they almost reach your brows. Then fake lashes can be the best way to amp up your style.

However, in the makeup world, applying artificial eyelashes is a solid contender for flawless contouring or winged liner in terms of complexity (or, at the very least, dread).

A person’s eyes are indeed a gateway to their soul. We all are blessed with unique pairs of eyes. This article will show you how to determine which kind of eye form you have and the best fake eyelashes for your eyes.

Determining Your Eye Shape

Recognising your eye shape can assist you in determining the most delicate makeup for the face. However, how do you figure out what shape your eyes are? Use a mirror to examine the overall appearance of the eye as well as its profile.

  1. Are you able to see the entire iris (the coloured area all-around your pupil), or is a portion of it hidden because of the lid?
  2. Examine the amount of space there is between the eyes in the middle. Check if they tilt upwards around the sides.
  3. Finally, check to see if the eyelid’s crease is apparent when your eyes are wide open.

Identifying your eye form is only the beginning; you must now select your fake lashes.

Choosing the Correct Eyelash Set for Your Eye Shape

Although many false lashes can suit all eye shapes, understanding yours will assist you in acquiring the perfect placement. Almond, round, hooded, downturned, upturned, and monolid are the six primary shapes.


Downturned eyes are the ones that slope downward around the outer corner. Upturned eyes are elevated higher around the outer corner than the inner corner. Both benefit from additional volume around the outer edge.

Consider such sets to be the cat eyes of fake lashes.


If you possess monolids (lids sans a crease), a shorter lash set along with a more prominent outer corner will help open the eyes up. Trim strip lashes plus stack leftovers at the external border if you don’t wish to cut them.

Round Eyes

With round eyes, you can quickly notice the whites of the eyes both below and above the irises. Curled lashes elevate and accentuate the curve of this eye shape the best. Anything that is overly voluminous or dense can distort the eyes and make them appear smaller.

Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes have a pronounced brow bone that does not exhibit a crease when the eyes are open. False lashes can easily drag down hooded eyes. Thus, it is best to use fluttery and long lashes placed right above the pupil to open the eye around the centre.

Lash strips or Individual lashes with a shorter length work nicely for this.

Almond Eyes

Almond eyes are the ones where the whites of the eyes are not visible both below and above the irises while gazing straight ahead. Since most patterns perform well, almond eyes are generally the simplest to apply lash strips to.

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Go ahead and try out other styles to discover which one you favour.

Final Words

Fake lashes form an integral part of any gorgeous makeup look. The market is filled with notable brands like Kiss Lashes which produce high-quality artificial lashes. Such lashes offer both comfort and style.

It can be significantly easier to put your fake lashes with the correct lashes for your eye shape. Moreover, they would accentuate your eyes in the best way!

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