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How Much Growth (In Percentage) You Can Do In IT Business Within A Year

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The information technology (IT) industry is continuously adapting to the needs and demands of an ever-changing world. For a business, it can provide several benefits. It can offer the basic service of making things work well, it allows for data storage and exchange, and it provides business process outsourcing, where companies outsource tasks to other businesses.

But beyond this, IT can also serve as an integral part of a company’s marketing strategy. The way companies are using technology is changing constantly. Here are some of the strong points that IT offers for marketing purposes:

Market research:

With the use of survey software, a company can easily conduct a market research and collect data from their target market. This way, companies can find out how they are doing in the market, where they need improvement, and what their customers really want.


IT can also help monitor and analyze data. With big data and analytics, a company can carry out business activities more effectively and make good decisions for the future of their company.

Social media:

IT makes it easy to carry out a social media strategy. A company can use blogs, e-books, videos, and podcasts, among other things to reach their target market.


IT also enables easy e-commerce transactions. Businesses can easily set up an online store and sell their products using their websites.

CRM (customer service management):

Another way a company can carry out their marketing strategy with the help of IT is to build their customer base by offering superior customer service.

Marketing automation:

With marketing automation software, a company can send personalized mass emails. Customers who have been targeted through analytics can be sent promotional offers that suit their interests and preferences, as well as offers that are time-sensitive.

The benefits of IT to marketing strategies are constantly growing. It is important for companies to keep up with the times and to invest in IT, or else run the risk of being left behind in the industry.

Business Growth

The key to seeing the fastest growth is to have a strategy ready. IT business growth is simply finding a direction and pursuing it. The market will need to be identified, competition must be analyzed, and the company’s resources must be properly utilized in order to achieve the goal.

The market must be identified in order for it to be understood better. If the industry is in need of new technologies, then there’s a great opportunity to develop them. However, if the emerging technology is not something the business is capable of developing, then the company should invest in acquiring them while they are still cheap.

Competition analysis is also important because it would show the business which direction to take for growth. Not all competitors will be targeting the same market, so it’s up to the business owner to make a decision.

Lastly, the resources must be properly utilized in order to achieve the goal. There are different growth paths that can be taken depending on the timeline, available resources and skills of the staff. The business must also be able to customize its growth path depending on the industry requirements and their competitors. You can use this calculator to calculate your growth in the percentage and in the money as well.

In a year, the growth of a business in Information Technology could be very significant or just mediocre depending on the strategy used and the market. The company must find a direction and pursue it, as well as identify an industry that’s in need of new technologies or one that’s open to new players. Competition must also be analyzed in order to determine which direction to take, and analysis of resources must be done in order to find the way to achieve this growth.

Well, it really depends on the kind of business you’re doing and how well you run it. I mean if you have a small company, you can probably double the business, if not less. If your company is already big, then obviously it will be hard to do that.

But, you can grow your business. When I mean growth, your income should increase to at least 20-30% within a year.

Do that by creating a team or being in a team that is already big. You also need to be good at what you do and have a good marketing strategy.

And if you are just starting out, then it is even harder to get that growth. You need some experience before you get that growth.

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