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Have you gone fed up with your Crooked Teeth?

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Are you willing to get a new smile with invisible braces?

If yes, we will introduce you to the best option here.

Invisalign is a perfect way to get rid of crooked teeth. It straightens up the crooked teeth without using the wire braces and brackets. Invisalign perfectly shapes up your smile and helps you in building up the confidence level.

You don’t need to hide your teeth now as these invisible braces can correct several teel aligning issues effectively. it is a custom-made solution that is virtually invisible. It means that you can now easily live your life comfortably and confidently while sharpening up your teeth as well.

Invisalign Birmingham has served as a revolutionary process where the new clear aligners are usually used for moving your teeth into the desired position and that too without disturbing your daily routine.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign Birmingham includes a series of the process where clear, removable aligners are usually being allowed to be worn out for about two weeks. These removable aligners are then swapped for the next aligners in the series so that your teeth would gradually move down to their desired end goal perfectly.

The number of aligners the dentist needs to use varies from patient to patient and the severity of the case. Patients usually need to use about 18 to 30 aligners during his/her treatment. And if we talk about the period, it usually takes between 9 to 15 months to complete the entire process.

The entire process of teeth straightening is usually being done under the guidance of Invisalign Birmingham experts who ensure that the new aligners being induced there are gradually moving the teeth to their desired position perfectly and that too without creating any mess there. Invisalign provides a perfect way for the patient to deal with crooked teeth and hence helps you in building up a level of confidence and natural smile effectively.

How do Invisalign Birmingham works?

Invisalign Birmingham is a perfect way to have perfectly aligned teeth just within few months. No one of us does have the powers that can provide you aligned teeth at once. It is a bliss that only a few of us get and you are a special one if you are getting it naturally.

If you are having crooked ways and are losing confidence due to those only, you don’t need to get upset and all. Invisalign Birmingham is the solution to your issues. It is a process that helps you in attaining perfectly aligned teeth within a specified interval of time. A series of invisible aligners are usually being set for few months that gradually move down your teeth to their preferred position.

Each set of clear aligners are usually worn for about two weeks. Patients are allowed to remove these aligners during different activities such as brushing, eating, drinking, flossing and daily fluoride mouth wash only.

Small attachments are being placed on your teeth during this process so that you could get the best mechanical advantage for moving the teeth efficiently and effectively. These attachments are usually made up of tooth-colored dental adhesive that doesn’t look bad as the metal braces appear. The best thing about Invisalign Birmingham is that you can choose the adhesives only for certain teeth but that somewhere makes the treatment much longer.

Sometimes a specified space is also being required for reshaping your teeth or to improve the teeth but that is again something that depends upon the patient and the level of severity.

With each replacement of aligners in the series, you can feel the movement of teeth. Your teeth will start attaining their preferable position every week until they got their final position. The Invisalign Birmingham professional takes well care of the entire process and makes sure that your teeth are aligning at the perfect location only.

The length of the entire treatment usually depends upon your case, but if we talk about it on average, it usually takes about nine to fifteen months in all.

Different types of Invisalign

The Invisalign usually does come up in different options such as:

Full: This option is usually being used to treat a varied range of mild to moderate orthodontic issues.

Teen: This option includes compliance indicators and predictions that take well care of teens’ teeth.

Lite: It is one of the most cost-effective solutions that is being used to treat less complect orthodontic issues.

i7: This treatment option is usually used to treat minor crowding, spacing and for treating orthodontic relapse.

Why choose Invisalign?

Most of the patients today prefer to have Invisalign Birmingham due to certain reasons such as:

  • Invisalign does come up with a removable aligners option that makes the access much convenient.
  • Invisalign seems to be more comfortable and reliable than traditional braces.

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