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From the Bingo halls to online rooms – How Bingo has changed

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Only a few decades ago people were predicting that Bingo was going the way of the dodo. As the number of land-based Bingo halls began to fall there was a lot of speculation over the future of this classic game.

What people didn’t predict was the meteoric rise of online offerings as Bingo evolved to adapt to the changing times. In fact, the game has only expanded its player count and hit even greater heights of popularity.

How did it manage this turnaround? And why are Bingo rooms just as popular as they’ve ever been today?

Going digital

From its start in 16th century Italy, the game that we now know as Bingo came a long way over the centuries. Its first versions didn’t even feature the number cards that are such a familiar sight now!

At its core, the game has always been relatively simple – players just have to see if the numbers that get pulled out and called are theirs.

This core formula made it quite easy for Bingo to make the leap from physical rooms to the online space. All it really needed was a random number generator (RNG) to fairly announce the numbers and a way for players to mark off their card as it filled.

While digital Bingo doesn’t feature the distinctive caller who shouts out each number as it’s pulled, it does allow for a faster pace of gameplay.

An abundance of variety

In a land-based Bingo hall there were never going to be more than one or two different types of the game on offer. There’s only so much space and time, after all!

Players in the UK were only likely to get to play the 90-ball version of Bingo, while US players would get the 75-ball variant more popular on their side of the Atlantic.

But, once Bingo went online, it no longer mattered where someone was when it came to playing a game. Players are free to choose whatever option they want from the selection on offer, getting a taste of new twists on the game they already know and love.

Without the limits of a physical space there was room to really experiment and shake things up, leading to the creation of a whole range of Bingo games.

A fusion game known as Slingo also really took off thanks to the rise of online gaming. This fuses the basic gameplay of Bingo with spinning Slots reels and symbols, changing up the formula in a unique way.

Staying fresh

The real trick to a game sticking around as long as Bingo has is to stay fresh. It’s hard to consistently like a game that quickly gets repetitive and boring.

Despite its simple core and rules, no two games of Bingo are ever truly the same. It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing with a 5×5 card or a 9×3 ticket, there are literally billions upon billions of possible number combinations.

And, with so many versions now out there to choose from, it’s hard to imagine the Bingo experience really getting old.

Just as Bingo evolved over the centuries since its creation, it’s set to continue innovating in the future. Thanks to its increasing popularity online the game of Bingo isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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