Festivals in Fuengirola

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If you are a foreigner looking to experience a new vibrant, and colorful culture, then buying property for sale in Fuengirola should be top of your wishlist. There are many noteworthy festivals held in Fuengirola, including:

La Feria de los Pueblos

This lovely fair lasts a week and is hosted on Fuengirola’s main fairground. In only one day, you may explore up to 50 nations – or at least a microcosm of each- as they are depicted in full color, flavor, and sound. Each country is allotted its caseta. This yearly event has increased in size and popularity with locals and tourists over the past ten years. Additionally, tasting the foods and beverages from each nation is worthwhile. One of the highlights of the yearly activities calendar, this festival is exceptionally well-attended and draws visitors from all over the world to Fuengirola.

Semana Santa

In Andalucia, the Holy Week processions are magnificent. Every day during the week of that significant holy event, streets in Fuengirola and all other Andalucia towns and villages are closed off, and enormous, elaborate icons with pictures of Christ and the Virgin at the various stations of the cross are raised aloft. It is a great honor to be a part of the preparations for the Easter processions, which are practiced behind the scenes the entire year.

Fuengirola residents show up to observe or participate in the Easter processions and celebrations. Visitors are known to travel to Fuengirola at this time of year just to observe this spectacular display of color and religious heritage.

The San Juan Festival

The day of St. John is observed on June 24 in other regions of Andalucia, a highly significant time of the year. Building several bonfires is custom, especially near the seashore. It is supposed to be a night of magic. The first baptism performed by St. John serves as the inspiration for the celebrations. These days, it makes a perfect justification for nighttime gatherings, especially on the beach. The ritual is to be at the water’s edge at midnight, hold hands, and go into the sea backward while making a wish. By one in the morning, there are sizable crowds of revelers gathered at various locations around the Fuengirola beach.

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