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Everything About Fort Lauderdale Airport Parking

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Are you planning for an international trip? Are you traveling to another city within Fort Lauderdale? It is well-known that airport terminal parking is stressful and much expensive. But, how to make it stress-free and less expensive.

There are different parking options now accessible nearby the airport that is safe yet inexpensive. This article will have a look at the best parking lots available near the airport. And let you know how to enjoy the airport parking services provided by different parking service providers near the airport.

About Fort Lauderdale Airport

Fort Lauderdale airport is located at a distance of 3 miles along the southwest side of downtown Fort Lauderdale and about 21 miles along the northern side of Miami. This airport is an international doorway with numerous flights and about 135 national and international destinations.

Fort Lauderdale airport also assists as the main south Florida airport for different southwest air companies. This airport is operational with four major terminals and a total of 66 gates. Fort Lauderdale airport is known as the third busiest airport in Florida based on its passenger ratio.

About Fort Lauderdale Airport Parking

This airport has about 12000 parking places linked with all four airport terminal centers. Hibiscus service department and Palm are the two major lots that offer onsite parking at FLL airport. Both short-term and long-term parking facilities are provided by these lots.

Other Parking Options At Fort Lauderdale Airport

You might be wondering if the airport has sufficient parking lots but these spaces tend to get completely occupied in a short time. If you think that you will get to the parking lot at FLL airport easily then you are wrong.

The parking lots are limited as the economy parking space isn’t operational. Therefore, where to park if the airport terminal parking lots are completely occupied? There is no need to worry. Different parking service providers are now offering a safe yet affordable parking service near the Fort Lauderdale airport.

  • Overflow Parking Service At FLL Airport

This parking spot is a savior when the airport parking lots are filled. Travelers can park their cars in this space easily if they didn’t get any vacant space at the parking lots offered by the airport.

The parking rates for long-term in this lot are even much less than the airport terminal parking. Just imagine how stressful it would be to get to the parking lot at peak hours or during holidays. Therefore, get directly to the overflow parking space to make effort to get a parking place with no hassle of driving around the airport terminal parking lots.

  • Curbside Valet Service At FLL Airport

Travelers always wish to stay away from the hassle of getting an onsite parking lot. In such conditions, they can consider the curbside valet service at the airport. FLL airport features three different valet places at the onsite spots.

Just drive to the spots, hand over your car to the support team, confirm the valet ticket, and walk directly towards the airport terminal. This service can be enjoyed by paying a few dollars per day.

  • Different Offsite Parking Options Near The FLL Airport

Parkos works with different parking service providers near the Fort Lauderdale airport. these parking lots are located in the vicinity of the airport terminal. Parking spaces offered near the FLL airport are suitable locations to park your car.

These parking services are an easy and safe way to park your car. Moreover, these parking lots cost much less than the airport terminal parking lots. The exceptional customer service provided will relieve you of all traveling worries so that you can enjoy your trip.

Whether you want to park your car for a short term or a long term parking at Fort Lauderdale airport, Parkos assists you each way. As soon as you get to the parking lot, you will have access to all of the best facilities in parallel to the excellent customer service.

Just hand over your car to the support team and the chauffeurs will assist you will the luggage and get seated to reach the airport terminal on time and not miss your flight.

So, whenever you need to reserve an offsite parking space make sure to reserve in advance to stay away from the hassle and get the best parking services within your budget.

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