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Hello guys, if you are searching for important Periodic Table Atomic Mass Questions with Answers as well as Periodic Table Chart Image then you are in right page.

Here you get almost all the important topic with answers.  You can download all questions in PDF Format. So scroll down and read carefully.

→What is Periodic Table (Mendeleev’s)?
Mendeleev’s Periodic Table is the tabular representation of Mendeleev’s Periodic Law or The table which is created based on Mendeleev’s Periodic Law is called Periodic Table.

→What is Modern Periodic Table?
It is a tabular form of Modern Periodic Law or based on Modern Periodic Law.


Periodic Table Questions (MCQ)

1. How many elements are presently known by human?
Ans. 118 . Out of which 98 are natural and remaining are artificially.

2. What is the main motive to discovered Periodic Table?
Ans. To make the study of all elements more convenient, systematic and easier.

3. Dobereiner Triads law is based on which property of elements?
Ans. Chemical properties only.

4. Newlands Octaves law is based on which property of elements?
Ans. Increasing order of their atomic weights only.

5. Mendeleev’s Periodic Law is based on which properties ?
Ans. Increasing order of Atomic Mass or Atomic Weight (Physical and Chemical properties).

6. How many groups has in Mendeleev’s Periodic Table?
Ans. It’s 8 (vertical columns).

7. How many periods has in Periodic Table of Mendeleev?
Ans. 7 (horizontal rows).

8. Which group is absent in Mendeleev’s Table?
Ans. It is 0 , the inert gas table.

9. Name of the element which has no fixed position in Old Periodic Table (Mendeleev) is?
Ans. Hydrogen (H). It has two position in table i.e. Group 1 and 17. Most possible position is 1.

10. How many elements were discovered at a time when Mendeleev was composing the periodic table?
Ans. 63 elements.

11. Who made the Modern Periodic Table?
Ans. British chemist Moseley in 1913.

12. Who discovered that atomic number is the most fundamental property?
Ans. Moseley.

13. Modern Periodic Law is based on which properties?
Ans. Atomic Numbers (Physical and Chemical).

14. Which isotopes of hydrogen has no neutron?
Ans. Protium.

15. Hard water is harmful for boilers, why?
Ans. The salt present in hard water deposit in the inner surface of boilers and decrease the efficiency of boilers.

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