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5 Unconventional Hiring Practices That Are Making Waves

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If there’s one thing you can count on in the business world, it’s that change is inevitable. Learning how to adapt and innovate is the key to thriving in an environment that’s subject to constant transformation.

To stay ahead of the curve and attract top talent, many business owners are choosing to modify their recruitment efforts. Being flexible and doing things in novel ways can help you engage applicants and increase interest in available positions. Here are five innovative hiring practices that are making waves in the professional world.

1. Recruit Through an Employer of Record

You’re less likely to find exceptional talent when you’re forced to recruit from a limited pool of qualified applicants. To significantly expand your access to cream-of-the-crop professionals, you may want to expand your reach by hiring abroad. Many business owners are wary about overseas hiring practices because they seem too complicated. Plus, there are various international laws to navigate when you hire from other countries.

The good news is that there’s a simple, low-risk way to hire employees and conduct business overseas. The secret is to work with an effective employer of record that does business in your chosen location. An EOR is ideal if you don’t have an existing legal presence in the country where you want to recruit. The EOR can hire foreign citizens on your behalf and help you navigate local regulations so you don’t run into trouble. It can also advise you on payroll and compensation matters in the countries where you wish to hire.

2. Adopt Blind Hiring Practices

Unconscious bias is a persistent problem that can keep your company from hiring the diverse workforce it needs to thrive. Blind hiring is an effective way to purge discrimination from your recruitment practices. It can also help you attract job seekers who view workplace diversity as an important factor when considering job offers. The process involves removing identifying information such as name, gender, and educational background from an applicant’s resume prior to review.

Once such information is omitted from each resume, it becomes nearly impossible to discriminate against applicants. The only information that remains is the applicant’s related experience and qualifications. Businesses that use this strategy can decrease bias and naturally increase diversity in their teams.

3. Create Authentic Recruiting Videos

Convincing talented individuals to work for your company doesn’t have to feel like an uphill battle. When you position your brand as a top employer in your industry, job seekers will likely flock to you. Creating authentic recruiting videos is an effective way to make your company as appealing as possible to high-value prospects. To make your recruiting videos stand out, you need to break the traditional mold.

More employers are taking steps to upgrade their recruiting videos. One of the less conventional ways they’re doing this is by encouraging employee-generated videos. These recordings are less professional than corporate-generated productions, but that’s exactly why they’re making waves. They tend to generate a positive response because they’re highly authentic, personable, and convincing.

4. Use Social Media to Find Talent

An estimated seven in 10 Americans are active on social media. If you’re struggling to find qualified talent on traditional job boards, you may want to go where talent hangs out. Spreading your recruiting message via social media sites is an up-to-date way to expand your hiring pool. Some of the top corporations in the nation are now using this practice to find target recruits.

From LinkedIn to Spotify and everything in between, recruiters are learning how to use social media to their advantage. You can use these platforms to find active job seekers or currently employed individuals who are interested in new opportunities. A prime benefit of using social media as a recruiting tool is the communication aspect. These platforms support conversations and make it easy to engage with candidates in an informal, comfortable environment.

5. Generate Excitement With Gamification

If you were to catch an employee playing a video game during work hours, you’d probably be annoyed. So you may be surprised to learn that gamification is one of the cutting-edge hiring practices businesses are implementing. This standout strategy involves using fun challenges and games as part of the interview evaluation process. The primary goal of using gamification when hiring is to evaluate participants’ proclivity for problem-solving and cooperation.

Gamification also helps applicants display their skills in a hands-on way that may not be possible in a traditional interview. Finally, gamifying your interviews is a great way to increase candidate engagement and increase employee referrals. You can bet word will spread that your company has the most fun interview experience around. So go ahead and play games with your interviewees — they’ll love it!

When the Hiring Gets Tough, Recruiters Get Creative

Finding employees who are a good fit in terms of personality and talent can be challenging, especially in today’s economy. You can bet that your competitors are hard at work sourcing top industry talent. To make sure you get your fair share of top-performing professionals, you may need to modify your recruitment efforts.

When you stand out in good ways from your competitors, it becomes easier to attract talented individuals to your team. Use the unconventional hiring practices above to augment your recruitment efforts and boost your success.

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