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Mediocre bookmakers accept bets only on the most popular sports while offering not a very wide line of bets and not very high odds. Parimatch has been operating in the field of betting for more than a dozen years, having managed to establish itself as a reliable partner for both experienced cappers and beginners. On the company’s website, it is possible to make a forecast for many events and the world of sports, incl. and for the DC vs KKR duel, which will take place as part of ipl 2022.

The Indian Premier League is one of the leading associations in the world of cricket, so the attention of not only the inhabitants of this country, but also cricket fans around the world is riveted to the local championship. According to the ipl schedule, the match between Delhi Capitals and Kolkata Knight Riders will take place on March 19. The fact that the vice-champion of the country and the bronze medalist of last year’s draw will meet on the field adds a special intrigue to the confrontation. Both teams set the minimum goal – reaching the playoffs of the competition, so the fight will be uncompromising.

Where to bet on DC vs KKR?

Parimatch offers its customers high odds and a wide line of bets on the duel between Delhi Capitals and Kolkata Knight Riders. The easiest way to make a prediction is to predict the winner of the confrontation. The world outcome of the meeting is not provided by the format, so analyze the strength of the teams and choose your favorite. Also available is the option to bet on the victory of one of the teams with a certain handicap – for this, you need to open the Handicap tab.

Clients do not have to determine the winner, they can bet on the total and just enjoy the entertainment of the game. Typically, such matches drag on for several days, so you can specify the total for each game day. Variability adds to the forecasters the opportunity to bet on the individual achievements of teams or individual performers of one of the rival clubs.

Admission is also open for quite specific events. These, for example, include the probability of the first attack of one of the opponents (determined by drawing lots before the start of the fight), the way the batsman’s first wicket is destroyed, or the prediction of who will get the prize of the best player of the match.

What should be analyzed when betting on cricket?

Before betting on cricket, it is necessary to conduct analytical preparation. First of all, you need to get acquainted with your opponents, assess their real strength at the moment. This is indicated by the form (the number of victories/defeats in the last specifically taken period) and the composition of the performers. But often other factors also influence the outcome of the fight. For example, the team that starts the attack first has a slight advantage, this should be taken into account when betting live.

The weather has a strong influence on the development of events on the field. Bad weather conditions play into the hands of a less technical team, leveling the skill of the favorite. The longer the match lasts, the worse the quality of the field and inventory becomes – this also plays an important role.

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  1. Everybody knows that DC will be going to win this match easily no one can beat him and specially KKR. You can see the all-time matches between these two teams and DC has won 80% of them. So there is no chance of KKR winning this.

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