Career Options in Agriculture

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Agriculture is an enormous & limitless subject. It has many fields ranging from sales, administration, engineering, research, manual labor & more. You can always specialize in one aspect & build your career in the same. Though many people think agriculture has a lot to do with farming, it is very important to understand that it is not only limited to that. Further, there are also many specialized fields that you could enter into like – Horticulture, Poultry Farming, Pisciculture, Dairy Farming, Agricultural Biotechnology etc. Let’s take a closer look at some of the fields you could apply to when looking for opportunities in agriculture.

Careers In Agriculture

Let’s take a look at some of the best occupations in agriculture that you should consider & more about those fields:

Agricultural Engineering

Agriculture is old as time & many of the techniques & equipment that the farmers are using are still a bit outdated. This is where an Agricultural Engineer comes in. An Agricultural Engineer aids in the conceptualizing, designing, building & maintenance of farming machinery so that the process can run smoothly & faster. The modern world has taken many strides in this domain & Agricultural Engineers are right by their side making sure that agriculture doesn’t fall behind. Agricultural Engineering is one of the most desired careers in agriculture.


Agronomists, nicknamed the crop doctor, research & study patterns & more to understand the best methods that can be implemented to improve the production of food items. They focus on many aspects of the crop like growth, seed, quality & more. They have a deep-rooted understanding of ecology, genetics, biology, chemistry and economics, only then can they do their work. They bridge the gap between science & the real world. Their work is mostly academic but many of them have to go on-site to communicate with the farmers to do their work better.


Horticulturists are no less than any magicians as they use their academic knowledge to grow vegetables, fruits, herbs & other kinds of crops. Their main aim is to increase the growth rate & output of crops. For this they often experiment with the genetics of the crop, to see if they can produce a stronger, more resistant crop that can survive any weather conditions & so on. They also study pests, natural surroundings & nutrients of the plant to get the best results. A career as a Horticulturist is high in demand these days & is often the first choice for many.

Agricultural Equipment Technician

An Agricultural Equipment Technician deals with agricultural equipment. They look after the maintenance, repair, assembling & dismantling of machinery that is found in farms & also farm vehicles. They all do very specific work & need to have a specialisation in one sub-field that they can handle. An Agricultural Equipment Technician is required on all farms to ensure that all the equipment is kept in good condition & that it can work longer. They also look over the inventory of machines & parts at a farm. The work is always considered a tough but rewarding one.

Research Scientist

Every field requires a Research Scientist & agriculture is no different. Scientists who specialize in the field of agriculture can often do many different kinds of jobs. They can be studying food, studying manufacturing, storing & packing processes. They must have a very strong knowledge of biology, chemistry and other fields of science to be able to do their work efficiently. They are also called food scientists sometimes & can also focus their work on how healthy or nutritious one plant is not. Some are also employed by the government to look into food regulations & more. The world of research is often chosen by students who have a passion for knowledge & are also willing to take the world of agriculture ahead.

Dairy Technology

Dairy Technology or a Dairy Tech, works in & around milk. By milk, the field mainly competes with the production, processing & logistics of dairy products. Many processes go into the procuration of daily dairy products, then pasteurizing it & getting it delivered. Dairy techs focus their work on making sure that the quality of the milk product consumed is good & that it is nutritious for the consumer. There is a lot of work & research that goes into it. It is also a job that requires a lot of effort & precision. If you are a fan of cheese, then this career path is definitely for you.

Poultry Farming

Poultry Farming or a Poultry Farmer is involved in raising domestic birds like chickens, ducks, turkey, quail & more. The primary use of this is to procure meat & eggs. Furthermore, the birds on the farms also help in pollination & providing natural manure to the field. The work of a poultry farmer is to primarily help raise the chicken & to manage the diverse activities around it. Many different kinds of birds can be raised & eggs can be procured, this is all the concern of a Poultry Farmer.

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