Bus Transport in Vietnam

Bus Transport in Vietnam – All You Need to Know About Bus Booking & More

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Bus is a cheap and convenient way to travel in Vietnam. It is well-developed and can be used to get almost anywhere. This guide will help you with your trip’s first steps, like locating a bus and which route to follow.

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Do your research before you travel. You may have to take a local bus or taxi to reach some destinations that don’t have (big) bus stations. You may have to take the bus from Hoi An to Da Nang, or from Phong Nha and Dong Hoi. Check the name of the place. You may not be able to find your destination if you misspell it. If you cannot find availability at one website, try another. The other websites . Each website could list availability for a different bus service. If one bus company does not have availability, there may be another.

While in Viet Nam

Most hotels and hostels can also book your Vietnam Bus Tickets for you. There is often a small charge, but they may also add a fee. The bus station is often the best place to get the cheapest ticket, but the location may not be convenient. Transport by bus is an option. Air-conditioned buses are slowly replacing old, rickety ones, particularly on popular routes. Buses often stop for passengers to be picked up or break. Sleeper bus (night bus) Air-conditioned buses connect the major cities. There is plenty of room and a reserved seat. Some have reclining chairs, while others offer recliners. The cost of these sleeper buses is comparable to that of trains. A sleeper bus has the advantage of not paying for a whole day of travel or a hotel night.

Some destinations are served by VIP buses. It is best to book these VIP buses in advance because they are limited. These buses offer more comfort and space. They also include WiFi.


Limousines are an alternative to buses in Vietnam. The quality of these limousines varies, but limousines are most popular. Limousines are mainly used during the daytime, whereas regular buses run at night.

Public Bus Service Local buses are smaller and less luxurious and much less comfortable. These buses are only available during the day. Local buses can be crowded, and the drivers may charge tourists higher prices. Therefore, they are not popular with tourists.

Tickets For An Open Bus

Many signs in backpacker areas around Vietnam will be advertising “open tickets” or an “open tour”. These open bus tickets cater primarily to foreign tourists. Buses with air conditioning run between Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and other major cities. Passengers can board and leave the bus at any major city along the route. Call the bus operator company the day before the departure if you wish to interrupt the journey. They are also faster because they do not stop to pick up passengers as often. The competition is fierce enough that the prices are nearly as low as those of the national bus system. The buses are generally decent but don’t count on much space or toilets. Most bus companies have toilets, but only the most expensive ones. Most buses stop every few minutes for a combination of refreshment and toilet break. As an example: In Ho Chi Minh City you can buy a bus ticket with a reserved seat and purchase an open ticket to Dalat. Now you have made one stop. You can reserve a seat on the bus from your hotel after a few days of staying in Dalat.

Cost of a Open Bus Trip

Buses are very comfortable and cheap. Tickets from Ho Chi Minh City cost between USD$10 and USD$20, depending on the carrier, route, and exact price. US$35 to US$70 From HCMC to Hue, the cost is around US$25 . The higher the cost, the more stops you make. The buses usually depart from central locations, such as popular hostels. You don’t need to go to the bus station again. Some open-route buses also stop at sites along the route. Open-route bus tickets have boarding points. Open bus tickets are most commonly used for Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Ninh Binh Phong Nha Hue, Da Nang Hoi An, Nha Trang, and Da Lat Mui Ne. You cannot get your money back if you lose your ticket.

How to get to the bus station?

Different cities may have different bus stops. Two bus stations in the same city have other connections. Always check which bus station is the correct one to arrive at. Some bus companies also have their stations. Many bus stations now have offices that clearly list the official departure times and prices. In this case, a minibus will take you from your hotel to the bus terminal.

On the Bus

Your seat is always fixed on the bus. Your seat number can be found on your ticket. Let the booking agent know if you would prefer an upper or lower bed on the night bus. Often, the bus stops at a special place midway. You will find toilets here, a restaurant and a few shops to buy drinks and snacks. Arrive at your destination. Transfers to and from your hotel are included when you arrive in small or medium sized towns. The minivan will pick you up at the bus stop and take you directly to your hotel. You can either take a taxi to the bus station or walk in large cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

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