Build a Lightning Sorceress in Diablo 2: Resurrection of the Living Dead

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Greetings and introductions are the first step.

In order to farm MF Lightning Sorceress, it is recommended that you build a general magic ladder that can be used to farm the Bail, Chaos Sanctuary, and Pit. Its build is not the same as, for example, a 700 MF pit that takes the player through a single build. Once she has constructed this magical ladder, she will be able to farm virtually any field in the game without fear of being attacked by a monster.

Improve the abilities of your Lightning Sorceress.

The Lightning Sorceress’s primary abilities are described in greater detail in the section below. See the image below for a comprehensive breakdown of all core and optional skills, as well as the recommended sequence for assigning skill points.

1. One point for each of the preconditions that must be met

2.Lightning receives a total of 20 points — the maximum possible and required

3. Lightning receives a total of 20 points to Chain Lightning — this is the maximum possible and required after Lightning.

4. 20 points to Lightning Mastery — the maximum possible after Chain Lightning, and the bare minimum required

5. 20 points to Charged Bolt — the maximum possible after Lightning Mastery, and the bare minimum required

6. 20 points to Nova — the maximum possible after Charged Bolt, and the bare minimum required

7. 1 point to Teleport — a skill that is required at levels 18 and up.

 The Characteristics of the Lightning Sorceress

Strength Dexterity Vitality Energy
Everything Enough for gear Everything or nothing(if Energy shield) Enough for gear

The Gear of the Lightning Sorceress

A number of the items listed in the following section are critical for the Lightning Sorceress to have, and they are detailed below.

•Flail : Heart of the Oak

•Helm : Griffon’s Eye

•Amulet : Mara’s Kaleidoscope

•Shield : Spirit Monarch Shield

•Dusk shroud : Enigma

•Boneweave Boots : Demon Stalker

•Ring : The Stone of Jordan

•Belt : Arachnid Mesh

•Chain Gloves : Chance Guards

•Large Charm : Hellfire Torch

•Grand Charm 1 : Gheed’ s Fortune

•Grand Charm 2 : Sparking Grand Charm of Life

•Small charm 1 : Annihilus

•Small Charm 2 : Russet/ Rusty Small Charm of Fortune

•Small Charm 3: Small Charm of Good Luck/ Fortune

 Mercenary with Lightning Sorceress Assault Mercenary with lightning sorceress assault

Achieving good crowd control while also evoking the precious and extremely important conviction aura that is absolutely necessary for this character to be viable is a difficult task, but one that must be accomplished. A mercenary from the Holy Freeze, as well as helmets of Andariel’s Visage, are two of our favorite items.

•Dusk Shroud: Treachery •Grim Helm: Vampire Gaze •Thresher: Vampire Gaze •Infinity •Dusk Shroud: Treachery

 There are three important considerations for the Lighting Sorceress to take into account:

1: This is a late-game build that will not function properly unless you have stacked numerous plus skills and possess extremely rare Items or Rumors, such as Infinity or Griffon’s Eye; you will not be able to make it function properly unless you have Infinity in your possession. It’s possible that you’re having trouble locating equipment, but that’s the whole point of the game being an end game. To get to the Lightning Sorcerer’s build, you must first use your Blizzard Sorceress to get to the point where you can use your Lightning Sorceress. Once you have all of your facets, such as Griffons, Infinity, and so on, the character begins to really come to life.

2:Two exclusive faster cast rate breakpoints for Lightning and Chain Lighting are available only to the Lighting Sorceress, and they are not available anywhere else in the game. However, your standard 105 FCR breakpoints for skills like Teleport, Static Field, Blizzard, Meteor, and so on are all reliant on those FCR breakpoints, but Lightning requires you to reach 117 FCR in order to have the same equivalent breakpoint as 105 FCR, so that’s something you need to take into consideration with a lot of your gear, but helmets and dams, such as Griffons, have a breakpoint of 105 FCR

3:If you are using a Shooter’s Temper, do not use the unique item unless absolutely necessary. Unless you intend to cause extensive damage, this is not the best option. Your enemies will suffer significantly more damage if you use the rumored crescent moon configuration as your pure damage configuration, as opposed to the plus 20 lightning damage configuration. For this reason, you shouldn’t expect it to be nearly as effective as you might expect because it only increases your mastery of your Lightning Mastery skill. In order to account for the disparity in monetary value between the two spells, there is approximately 1500 lighten damage difference between Heart of the Oak and Shoot his Temper. Unless you’re willing to sacrifice a significant amount of other beneficial stats, such as increased mana and a significant portion of all resistances on Hodo, it’s not worth it. Depending on how many plus skills you have, you might only need 2K at the most.

We strongly advise you to read this book. If you stay away from the unique item and Shooting his Temper, this Lightning Sorceress’ attribute distribution is very standard; it’s just your standard max vita set up.

Part 7 of Dbrunski125’s Lightning Sorceress video guide is now available.

There is also a video guide available if you prefer to watch one instead of or in addition to our written guide, and it walks you through the construction process.

Click here to watch the video: https://www1. youtube. com/watch? v=nRIrKnDDzlQ

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