BiteEraser – Does it Really Work?

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Mosquitoes and insects can become a great source of stress. Their bites cause annoying itching. If the bites are not treated, it can lead to the infection, chronic itching, etc. For 3/4 years I have depended on the classic creams and gels on the market. Most of these items contain many harmful elements and chemicals that cause several side effects. They always cause nasty irritation to my children. I researched on the net to find a definite solution and came across a product as small as a pen. The BiteEraser Works very effectively against insect itching. How does the BiteEraser Work?

BiteEraser Works

The BiteEraser is made of high-quality plastic and, even if it falls, all internal material remains intact. For this feature, it never stopped working! It is lightweight and portable and is based on a scientific mechanism. BiteEraser Works with heat to stop bite irritation. When a mosquito or insect bites, it injects a stuff loaded with bacteria, which damages the skin and becomes swollen. These bacteria are thermolabile, which means they are destroyed by heat. Hence, the heat eliminates bacteria and consequently itching. The secret of the bite eraser consists precisely in using heat to stop and soothe itching.

The device also releases vibrations that increase blood flow in nerves. When an insect bites you, the affected area turns red and inflammation occurs. So, it’s important to have adequate blood flow to reduce inflammation. It is recommended to use it as soon as you feel itching and within 4 hours of the insect bite. To find out more, I suggest you continue reading the biteeraser review.

How to use the BiteEraser?

Mosquitoes are the biggest source of disturbance, especially when outdoors. Their bites are irritating and cause a lot of itching. It depends on the type of skin. If you’ve ever taken a camping trip, you know exactly what it means to be bitten by a mosquito. Fortunately, there is a way to relieve the annoying itch that does not involve the use of harmful chemicals: The BiteEraser.

The device can be used by anyone, both men and women more than 4 years of age. Its use is very simple:

  • Clean the affected area with sanitizer and dry it well;
  • Insert the metal tip into the affected place after a bite. Press the On button to activate it to work;
  • The red ring light will turn on and you will feel a slight vibration and a gradual warming sensation;
  • Apply it on the infected area 45 seconds to 1 minutes;
  • If the heat is bothersome, immediately remove it.

Remember, you can repeat the treatment several times throughout the day until completely healed.

Advantages of the BiteEraser

Advantages of the BiteEraser

The advantages of this BiteEraser are so many. I decided to summarize them like this:

  • Portable

Many mosquito bite repellents are available on the market, but not all of them can be carried around due to their size. However, Bite Eraser is as comfortable and portable as a pen. It fits comfortably in any bag or pocket.

  • Incredibly easy to use

When using an itch reliever cream, it is often necessary to ensure that it is suitable for children’s skin. Also, it is important to understand how many times to apply it.and whether to let it absorb into the skin or not. It lies in its simplicity. The device runs on a battery and is ready for use. Just press it on the affected area to relieve itching and wait 45 seconds.

  • It works instantly

Many repellents on the market promise to relieve the bite instantly and permanently. I have tried a lot of them, but in all cases, after a few minutes, the effect vanished completely.. Remember that the more you scratch, the more the infection spreads. BiteEraser works immediately and is perfect for your baby’s skin.

  • Durable

I am using it for more than 5 months and it still works fine. It uses 1.5 volt AA batteries and is easily available in the supermarket. To get better service, replace the battery on time.

  • Absence of chemicals

Medicines and anti-mosquito cream contain chemicals and these have side effects. For example, they cause nasty irritation to my children. BiteEraser works without the aid of chemicals, so it is safe to use. Bite Eraser uses only heat as a mechanism of action and the latter is completely harmless. So, the device is free of contraindications.

  • BiteEraser works on all types of insects

Unlike some repellent gels, Bite Eraser works effectively with all types of insects. Don’t worry, if you’ve been bitten by a mosquito, ant or other insects. The effectiveness of the device is always guaranteed!

Disadvantages of the BiteEraser

I have only found a drawback on the gadget. Its battery capacity is low and no rechargeable options. Within short time use, the battery needs to be replaced.

If you look at the BiteEraser’s performance, the drawback is nothing. Also, you can find the battery in nearby shops and it is cheap in price.


According to my experience, I can confirm that BiteEraser works effectively on the infected skin spot of insect bite. Since I have been using this device, I have no longer had to buy the usual over-the-counter sprays, gels and creams. I always carry it with me and my favorite thing is that I can also use it on my children. I remind you that this little “pen” will always work and does not contain any kind of harmful substances. My advice is to take the facilities of the deals from the BiteEraser manufacturers. Finally, you can live your summers and your days outdoors in total serenity!

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