Beautiful Europe Cities

The Beautiful Europe Cities You Must Visit

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Europe is a beautiful continent with attractive places to visit, varied cuisines to eat, and several activities. It is a package of fascinating cities from Prague to Budapest, the capital cities to Bruges to Verona, smaller cities. People from all over the globe come to visit it for different interests and fall in love with this place, because any season is the best time to travel Europe. Some make it their home too. When it has to be narrowed down to the beautiful European cities to visit this travel time, it becomes hard to pick just a few. Here, you will see a listing of the beautiful Europe cities which is most definitive to visit and not to be missed.


  • Florence – Italy’s capital city is full of living history dating back from Renaissance times. The Ponte Vechhio and the Cathedral are the primary tourist attractions of the place. Walk on one of the several bridges of this place, visit libraries, public parks, and art lovers there are small art galleries all over the place.
  • Cinque Terra – This place offers 5 kaleidoscopic villages that are dreamy that includes Venice, Rome, and Tuscany.
  • Verona – The birthplace of the love birds Romeo and Juliet. This city is very beautiful and casual.
  • Rome – It is a historic city of Italy, which is like a dream come true place. The place has beautiful sights to see and several exciting foods to eat. It should be explored on foot.
  • Venice – This is a city on water and without visiting this place, your travel is not done. The most visited European city is also called a sinking city as there’s a time of its expiry, so hurry up before it’s gone.


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  • Annecy – This is a postcard town situated in southeast area of France. It overlooks the Lake Annecy and a city with its waterways and not far off the alps.
  • Paris – A city to be seen in the 1950s lens. A city full or art, culture, literary history, streets, bars, sidewalks, cafes and bars to enjoy.
  • Strasbourg – This city is a stopover city on the way to Colmar, Alsace area. It is prettiest city, though underrated, borders Germany. It is a French city with blend of different architectures that are unique and not found anywhere else.


  • Bruges – A city just like a real story book, so beautiful and charming. It has the old world authenticity and charm. This city is amongst the most beautiful in Europe.
  • Ghent – This is a heart stealing city, also a university city. It has old in new charm and a fun city to travel which is just a brief train ride from Bruges


  • Vienna – This is another lovely city as beautiful as Paris. It is the French capital that is clean and cultural. It transports you from the earlier times to new trends. The city is popular for its coffee culture.


  • Edinburgh – This is an ethereal city that wins several travelers heart. You can relate some of the Harry Potter locations here with JK Rowling drawing motivation for her book. check “Edinburgh castle fast track ticket”

Czech Republic

  • Prague – This is another most charming of the cities all over the globe. It has a blend of renaissance, gothic and Romanesque architecture beauty in the city. The old town is quite popular amongst visitors.


  • Moscow – This is an imperial and an impressive city. There is a huge historical facts to be discovered all through this capital. The Red Square is the political hub of Russia.


  • Budapest – This capital city is a hot spot for visitors from all over the globe. It takes around 3 hours from Vienna by a train. It is a definitive stop when in central Europe. It has fascinating and an unique history. It is known for its beauty and grandeur. Danube is a spot in and around which the majority of attractions are spotted. The Fisherman’s Bastion, the Castle Hill and river to Buda have an amazing city views from the top.


  • Barcelona – It is the most vibrant cities of Europe. It showcases Gaudi architecture, full of vibrant colors, best food of Europe and so much more for the travelers. You can see the best architectural marvels within Barcelona.


  • Amsterdam – This is the most visited European cities because of its popular canal houses. It was once the weed capital on the globe.


  • Mykonos – This is a city with which the visitors fall in love head over heels as it is a party center and a fun city. For best areas of this city, explore in the morning hours when it is less crowded.


  • Valletta – A city with impressive history, lovely architecture and friendly locals. This is capital city dating back to 1500 and has retained its old charm.


  • Copenhagen – A pretty seaside cities and a classic Nordic city. The most photographic spot, NY haven has colorful houses collection by the sea. It looks real and beautiful. It houses whimsical gardens, castles, Danish pastries and many more to its visitors.


  • Stockholm – This capital city is quaint and charming. It comprises of 14 islands and majority of the city is enclosed by water. There are bridges and effortless sun illuminating locations to take pleasure in this city.


  • Zurich – One of the charming cities that are very picturesque but to be visited in person to experience.


  • Lisbon – It is one of the famous trending European cities of recent times. It is vibrant, fun and full of life. Alfama is one such neighbourhood not to miss.


  • Dubrovnik – A postcard blend with idyllic seaside locations that cannot be beaten in this city. You can relate the place with the shooting locations of the Game of Thrones.


  • Warsaw – This old town is a must visit around the Christmas time when the whole town bursts with life. This city at this time surpasses Krakow, another Poland city to visit.


  • London – It shall and will remain in the list of beautiful European cities. It is one of the most visited by tourists from all over the globe, every year. The royal city has Mayfair streets, cobblestone pathways and historical touches to observe.


Europe is a continent with many beautiful cities to visit. Its history, architecture, majesty of the landscape, sheer beauty, reality, wonderful experiences, activities, food and many more things makes this continent a must-visit place for anyone. Do not miss on the beautiful cities when you plan to visit this time to seal it in your memory and an experience of lifetime.

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