Battlefield 2404 guide

Battlefield 2404 guide for beginner players to conquer the game

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For those of you who have spent countless hours and days playing Call of Duty, it is time you tried Battlefield 2402.

There are a number of aspects to this game that might seem overwhelming to a new player, especially if you are coming from Call of Duty which is a relatively straightforward game, but this comprehensive Battlefield 2402 guide has got you covered!

One of the most commonly played modes that you will also find yourself playing a lot is Conquest. You’ll be one of the four specialists who are Boris, Casper, Falck or Mackay. To sum the mode up in short, it is basically a combat for territorial victory, which is a common theme with most shooter games that we are familiar with.

With that being said, it is not as simple as it sounds because there are many things thrown into the mix which will push you to be strategic and think quickly so you can be more agile and responsive to your enemies. The key thing that you will see with Battlefield 2042 is that you will need to learn how to adapt in order to survive.

In this detailed guide, we will cover some great and helpful tips that any beginner player to Battlefield 2042 will find useful and effective. So let’s get right into it!

Be a good team player

This is perhaps one of the most important things about the game which is to be helpful to your teammates around you. The open world map in Battlefield can be quite overwhelming to navigate through but at all times you should make it a point to provide some type of value to your teammates.

By doing this you will be closer to being victorious each time, and more importantly you will be having a lot of fun in doing so as well.

The beauty of the game is that it encourages you to be very team oriented which is something we don’t see very often. Reviving a team player, obeying or giving an order, finding objective points are just a few things that we can name off the top of our heads that will enable you to be a good team player.

Know the difference between offense and defense strategies with vehicles

Vehicles are a crucial part of Battlefield, and it is important you distinguish between offense and defense strategies with vehicles early on. There are also some cheats for Battlefield 2042 that will help you unlock some cool tanks.  Vehicles in the game are slightly more difficult to figure out because they require a certain degree of patience and practice till you are able to fully maneuver them. Here are some important tips regarding vehicles:

  • If you are playing offense, and you find that you are on the verge of losing, it is better to die with the vehicle you are in. Otherwise, the opposing team will have more leverage.
  • Drive your teammates to the next mission instead of them having to do it on foot.
  • Use the test range to practice driving around new vehicles so you can be better prepared next time.
  • Be strategic with defense when it comes to damaging the opposing team’s vehicles like placing mines in their route to blow them up.
  • If you spot an enemy mines, make sure to take care of it so your teammates don’t have to.

Being a sniper

If you feel like sniping is not your strongest suit, then it is best that you don’t try it. The last thing you want to do is have the entire team snipe their way forward. This is counter intuitive and will take forever in terms of advancement.

If you are not a good sniper, or you feel like the opposing team is out range then simply take an alternative route no matter how dangerous it can be – that’s the whole thrill of the game!

Being fortunate enough and having a good team of amazing sinpers is not something that happens to everyone, but until you find the right group of people, it is important you strategize in other ways with your shoo

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