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Ashish Varshney Founder of KulFiy

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Ashish Varshney is the owner of KulFiy was started in May 2018 to help website owners share their ideas, connect with other creators & to publish their content with each other.

Now our aim is to create KulFiy – The Largest Content Sharing Platform in World for Creators.

We have worked till now for 1000+ clients around the globe and are still working to provide our valuable Digital Service.

How KulFiy Started?

Network Marketing

In 2015, when I was looking for a job, I got to know about Network Marketing and was curious to earn in crores, living luxuries life like other Successful Network Marketers, but without investment, it was not possible to start network marketing.

It required a lot of effort at that time because of face-to-face meetings with people.

Social Media was not booming at that time, but nowadays network marketing is being done by social media like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube showing luxurious lifestyles to people and asking them to join the financial freedom lifestyle.


I started blogging in 2016 after reading blogs and watching videos on YouTube, got to know that bloggers are earning in lakh. But I didn’t get success as a blogger

So I tried freelancing, but I didn’t know about anything, then how could I make money from freelancing?

Affiliate Marketing

When I got to know about affiliate marketing, I learned about how to create a website, how to do amazon affiliate marketing, how to do affiliate marketing, then I started an amazon affiliate marketing website.

Doing the job on night shift and learning and creating a website in the day. But I failed at my 1st website. I lost the hope to earn money online.

Google Adsense

I again started searching how to make money online with a website on YouTube. And in 2017 I  started my 2nd News website with a motive to earn money from Google Adsense.

But after a few months when my earnings started from google AdSense, my AdSense account got banned due to invalid clicks. And I decided not to work with AdSense again.

Ashish Varshney Biography

Ashish Varshney is an entrepreneur, from a job seeker to a job giver. He has expertise in SEO, SEM, SMM, SMO, Blogging, Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and much more.

Name – Ashish Varshney

Date of Birth – 31-05-1995

Zodiac Sign –  Capricorn

Age – 27

Residence – Delhi

Nationality – Indian

Marital Status – Single

Qualification – Graduate

Famous for  – KulFiy

Passion – Blogging, Vlogging, Dancing

Ashish Varshney Social Media

YouTube –

Instagram –

Facebook –

Twitter –

LinkedIn –

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How to Increase Traffic to Website?

Before entering straight away to the topic let us talk about the website and the traffic to increase the website. This website traffic is basically known as the number of people visiting your website and the duration will be calculated at the time.  Also, you can learn about How to make money from a website which can clearly generate the revenue for you website. It will show the time period of visiting the website and it will calculate the complete time.

Most probably the timing is calculated at the duration where the sessions are taken to consider the frame and the visitors are increased to calculate the purchase of the product in the website. It enquires the service that is provided in the website where one can increase traffic and it promotes your products that you have given in the website.

How to Increase traffic to the website

You can clearly analyze the competitor site and make the development to your site which will totally give the best results. This is way better than the getting complicated issues to solve and also the guidelines are mostly provided. It was completely taken over the tools that are processed on checking on the website that brings out the digital marketing process to the website. It is way more processed that are likely to get the significant rules to get the entire way in different processes.

Each process that is made on getting the strategy on focusing the internet in recent times would get the complete significant things around on creating the website. This was completely turned on to get the strategy by utilizing digital marketing also the one to make retail business very well. It was totally focused on building back links and also focusing on the best competitors’ sites. So, make sure to know more information on how to increase traffic first.

Ways to increase traffic to your website through content?

Well, posting content to your website is very important that is probably getting connected to create the best traffic to your website. Here are the best ideas about posting content to your website and making the traffic increase due to the website.

1. Creating business blog

This is one of the ways to post content which could help the traffic to increase. You must publish your content regularly and then the long time of publishing content might get the best content on creating the blogs. Processing more back links to the website gets the better traffic to the website and it gets useful to the site. Processing about business and blogs and the marketers are creating the positive links are very useful to create it.

2. Fresh topics are very important

Posting the fresh topics that are very important is the best one to create and then the short terms are realized by focusing on the website. Make sure to get the word count above thousand and focus on posting it in the site completely. Choosing the topics is very important where the competitor’s site must get to know the better one as well. This is a recognized site where the content must have the strategy on new contents in the best way. Make sure to get the topics that are posters on which visiting and reading the content might take time to read.

3. Focus on headings

The content must have got a long title which is very important for the content. Make sure to use the sub headings where each heading must contain about a hundred word count in it. Then do not repeat the words in the same paragraph and make the sentence into short ones. A sentence must contain about twenty words in it. Follow these instructions to post content and then increase traffic for the website. The content in post must be related to the site which  must be meaningful.

4. Inviting others to the blog

By creating a process you can get the results positive and then people can read your blogs which will increase the traffic to the website. It is very important to send the invitation to another person where it is required as one of the procedures. The network and the link which are related gets the best traffic to the website. The blogs must be high quality where it ensures the system from various perspectives and it results in getting the lost traffic through a system. It gets the work on which the guidelines have to be followed.

5. Best editing to the site

The site must get the look colourful where the readers must get comfortable in visiting the site. This is one of the best things to consider on creating the things that are based on creating the good images and videos to the site. It must be described as it gets the results on researching the links that are added up to make direct visiting results to the site.

How to increase traffic to the website through back links?

Processing back links to the website is very important where there are certain things to consider in it. Here the back links have to focus on some things like creating processes like business listing, classified links and especially guest posts.

Also, concentrating on the keywords are way more important to the traffic improvement. Just ensure that the keyword has to get internally hypered. So, you can expect the site to get raised from the optimizing works as well. Here are some tips to increase traffic for the site.

1. Focus on the Keywords

The keywords are the main thing to get high traffic to the site. While placing the site make sure to place the site and get the ranges that have to be optimized in the process. The only thing that is provided for engaging the keywords is very important to reaching the high traffic level, The keyword must contain high volume and also the density. It is very important to reach the density to reach the level of a high source on engaging the site completely.

2. Strategic way to place the keywords

There are certain rules where you have to place the keywords and the strategy works exactly. There are two types of seo like on page and off page seo. These two are the one that focus to manage the optimizing works to get the website ranked as well. Some relevant searches are mostly based on the strong keywords that are placed to make the location on the various contents. The strategy of the keyword is very well inserted and must be placed exactly in description like meta description and also in the natural way.

3. Improving the page speed

This is one of the best things to improve the page optimization that exactly improves the possible things to increase the bounce rate. Also, the work that is maintained on getting the process from certain ranks as well as the technical pages. It makes the factor to get the possible things on creating the file size and the ranking factors. The page speed will automatically increase and the site plugging is literally very important to concentrate.

4. Responsive sites

Make sure that the site has to be responsive and it gets the better one for accessing the basic ways to the websites. It creates the things that are totally provided on various devices that includes smart phones and the desktop devices. It basically includes the website that is totally provided on creating the comfortable to make the system cross towards the traffic where it occurs on optimizing the work well.

5. Refreshing the contents

On a daily basis, update the content where the significant results could get comfortable and it provides the factors that are ranking on the devices. Each day publishing content date must get updates and make the site position to get increased. It is very important to check out CTR which is called Click through Rate for optimizing the website. These few changes might help out the website to get leading positions in ranking.

The other ideas to get high traffic for the website

Here are some other best ideas to promote the content where the people have to find out the most popular things on social media to promote it and increase traffic. It could get better by getting tempted on posting the links that are totally made to get the high imaging services. There are a lot of B2C companies which actually make these kinds of work to make the best social media content as well.

The work that is made to create is completely processed creating the traffic where the site must reach on Google business ideas to promote the contents. This has got great results on tracking the site to post the products on various results. It has got the best ideal process of providing the content and processing the back link works are the best way to promote them in social media like pintrest and Instagram.

This is how it can get promoted and also helps to earn money online. To get the local search that probably makes the heavy image on collecting the content on focusing the links in the best way. It helps in discovering new things and promoting various processes on certain levels.

  1. Mentioning Hashtags: Creating a post and uploading it in social media alone is not enough. The best way to post content in social media is adding the hashtags to the relevant content. It gets the high specific one on ranging towards the topic which gets the things on, likely to share the content on improving the research as well.
  2. Focusing on the publications: This is way more important to get the target on accessing the sites that are created on influencing the high brand in social Medias. They automatically help you out with promoting the products in your site as well as your website. It is processed by getting the customer to create the internal things that range among the potential things to utilize in the website. The field must contain the source of all access to create the industry mostly.
  3. Potential things: it is highly processed streaming in the network where it was recommended on getting the site to make the blogs mainstream as well as influencing the sites. It ranges to create the site on making the system to get high quality sources in blogs and the system completely and this is how to Increase Traffic.
  4. LinkedIn articles on a local way: It is the best idea to get the regular basis in which the posting content is reputation in the system. This could get enhanced on inventing the work that is way better in creating pages. The purpose of the system is to collect the pages on the website. The industry has a better process on making the posting content to raise the traffic of the website.
  5. Adding up social buttons: This is way more important in adding the buttons which exactly leads to increased traffic. Also, the one that is mostly planned on utilizing the same recognizing the website. It was a complete process for sharing the direct links. It could lead to direct interaction with the website for not accessing the social networks completely. It makes for better work that insists on clicking the traffic to increase the website.

Everything you need to know about increasing the traffic for your website

The struggle in facing the business is way more focused on including the traffic in the website. It leads to attractive or more powerful processes like processing the back links and also the organic way to palace the keywords. There are some positive results where the strategies are brought in creating best results. To get best results in which the traffic must increase on providing some information are way more important of how to Increase Traffic of your website. It helps out in generating the revenue where the current things are working on performing on utilizing the possible things.

It could enhance the business on processing the organic and the system that reaches on providing the information completely. It clearly provides the various range of methods on making positive things in the leading to the innovative ways. This was mainly collected on positive results and the real one on the internet. To increase the traffic for the website there are actually a lot of ways to get traffic on website completely.

1. Performing keyword research

To get the better keyword for the website, it is very important to focus on the keyword that ranges from creating the exact one. Just ensure the description on utilizing the keywords on usage. It is way more processed on getting the content from which the keywords are very important. To use the keywords make sure to process the content that is manually placed on creating the description and the idea to process on URL and the headers. It was totally focused on stuffing the system and making the important functions throughout the results.

2. Indexing process for the website

It is completely important on indexing the back links that have been processed to create it. Make sure that the features are totally categorized on the system to publish the traffic in working on to treat the complete system. There are multiple things that have to be considered where the person needs to check out the website traffic to create the results on various contents. Through the search engine optimization work the accurate work will ensure the system on creating the content and the procedures.

3. Creating Guest posts

This is one of the processes that is very important in creating and then making sure the high quality work is totally processed on the website. It literally generates the work on posting these kinds of content on the various guidelines on the social media contents. The publication might get along with the authority of the site which is told to pack the tagging system on reaching the rankings in the page. To promote the content in the site ensure the system on tagging the ranking system which could get more on the website.

4. Adsense for increasing the website traffic

It is way better on processing the average system to get the instance things on blocking the ads.The site has to be approved first and then the cost per click must get the average on creating the website traffic.  Then the site needs to collect different ads and allow the ads to invest in their website. Make the impression on focusing the work to rely on money where the instance things are made possible. It gets the goal to reach out and the conversion for the site is booked on investing the budget and the money. There are various options that could get more things accessed on the Google Ads to generate revenue. This is how to Increase Traffic where you need to know.

5. Utilizing useful tools

Make sure to process the tool that can get it on the website to create the marketing on the system. It is accessible by driving through the work to make the traffic increase by offering the information. It was processed on creating the complete content to enhance the ideas on relevant things to the website. Each one of the things that promote new products in the website are accessed on interaction with it.

What are all the best tools to check how to increase traffic on website?

It is very necessary to check out the traffic improvement for the website often with some kind of tools. Also, checking at the competitors’ site is very important to create and focus on processing the analysis work. It was totally made as checking out the improvement through a tool gives you the exact results. So, here are some sites that are better for processing and you can get the appropriate results in it and get to know ways to get traffic on website

It could get the best analyzing things on creating the website that provides the budget and more important details of the website. Recommending the person who is in need of the features to get better results on investing in accurate sources. It was mainly focused on getting the tools to ensure the traffic generated for the website. It is way better important to know that how to increase traffic on website to dominate the tools to make the website accessible.

  • SEMRush
  • Similar web
  • Google Search console
  • Ubersuggest
  • Serpstat
  • Ahrefs
  • Monster Insight
  • Browserstack
  • Thinkwithgoogle
  • Screenshot
  • Toolbox Google apps
  • Dnsmap
  • Ssllabs
  • Builtwith
  • Whatsmydns
  • Testmysite
  • Httparchive
  • Developers google

So, here are the tools to check out how to increase traffic on website and the rest of them are not mentioned. It was completely hosted for which the websites are made to get the single denial with the help of these tools and can help to monitor the changes that are taking place in the system. It is way better that there are networks that are totally helpful in checking about the website. The ranges are completely processed on accessing the servers where it was mainly collected on online tools from anywhere.

Benefits of checking the website traffic

  • It helps you to know the visitors and also provides details regarding views of day, week, and months.
  • Also, you can track down the details where your gets from
  • You can utilize the IP address database where the lookup is provided.
  • The most important things is to get the personal URL
  • The activities that actually provide the success in activities from the website.
  • You can clearly find out where the customers are losing and the reason behind this.

How to Make Money from a website?

Make Money from a website is one of the most popular questions that people ask themselves. As with any business, it takes time to make money. However, there are some ways to make money off your website in a short span of time. Some websites are able to generate revenue easily by offering services or products on their websites. For example, if you have a blog that offers e-books for sale, it can be fairly easy for you to make money from your blog by selling these e-books online. If you want to start making money from your website, it is important that you first understand how your site works and what type of content is being offered on your site. This will help you determine what kind of marketing efforts can be made to maximize your website revenues. Your site should have a good user experience and a well-designed and attractive interface, and it should be easy for people to find the content they are looking for.

How to Make Money from your website?

There are many ways to make money with your website. Some of them include making Money from affiliate marketing, advertising, and selling products on your site. The best way to Make Money with your website is by making sure that it is a profitable business. This means that you should have a good product that people want to buy, and an efficient sales funnel so you can convert visitors into customers. Another way to make money with your website is by building an audience and then selling them products or services related to what they are interested in.

There are many ways to make money with your website. Some of the most common ones include:

Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing is a way to make money from the website. It is a form of advertising in which the website owner pays an affiliate to promote or sell their product. It was originally developed as a way for publishers to earn revenue from advertising sales on their websites. But over time, it has become more than just websites that use affiliate marketing as a way for people to make money.

Ad revenue:

Revenue is the Money that a website makes by selling advertisements. It is the main source of income for many websites. Ad revenue can be generated in different ways and formats, such as banner ads, video ads, search ads, email marketing, and social media advertising. Revenue can also be generated through affiliate marketing and sponsored content.


E-commerce is a way to make money from the website. It is a way for the website owner to sell their products or services online. It is also known as online shopping. It can be done by visiting different websites and then buying the product from them or by visiting brick and mortar stores that sell items online. The most popular way of making e-commerce is through the use of an e-commerce platform like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, etc.

Commission Junction:

Commission Junction is a website where you can make money from your website traffic. It offers an easy way for people to monetize their websites by connecting them with advertisers, who pay the visitor for clicks on their ads. It is a digital advertising platform that helps publishers earn Money from their site traffic. It also provides advertisers with access to millions of website visitors and gives publishers a chance to monetize their traffic through advertising revenue.

What are the Best Ways to Promote Your Site and Generate Traffic?

There are a number of ways to promote your website and generate traffic. The key is to find the methods that work best for you and your site. There are many ways to promote your website, including:

Use social media marketing – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn:

Social media marketing is a way to make promotions and generate traffic. It is a good way to promote the brand and the business. It generates traffic, which can be used for lead generation, sales, and lead nurturing. Social media marketing also helps in generating awareness about your product or service. A social media marketing campaign can be run on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or any other social networking site that you want to use as long as it has an audience of people who are interested in your products or services.

Use email marketing – use newsletters:

Email marketing is a way to make promotions and generate traffic. It can be used by companies to promote their products or services. It can be used by companies to promote their products or services. For example, when you are promoting new products, email marketing could help you increase your sales by up to 70%.

Create content that is relevant to the audience you want to attract:

The goal of any content is to attract the audience you want to attract. It can be a way to make promotions and generate traffic.

Creating content that is relevant to the audience you want to attract is not always easy, especially when you are in a niche or industry. You need to understand your audience and what they want. This can be done by using marketing research tools like Google Analytics or Facebook Insights. You can also use social media analytics tools for monitoring your social media channels and generating content ideas. The content that you create needs to be able to attract the audience you want to attract.

Promote posts on other websites:

Promoting your posts on other websites is a great way to make more traffic and generate more sales. But, you should make sure that the website you are promoting your content on is relevant to your audience. If you are promoting a post on a website that doesn’t have an audience that would be interested in your content, then you should try promoting it on Facebook or Instagram instead.

Promoting your posts on other websites is a great way to make sure that they are found by the right audience. It also helps in increasing the visibility of your content and getting more exposure for it.

Pay for ads on social media websites:

Social media is the most popular tool for brands to promote their products and services. With the help of targeted ads on social media, brands can make promotions and generate traffic. Advertising on social media has been a great way for businesses to get more exposure and generate more leads. Social media advertising is a great way to reach people who are looking for what you have to offer.

The best way to make money on the internet is by building a business that will create a sustainable revenue stream for you. There are many ways to do that, but some of the most popular ones include affiliate marketing, blogging, and others. Whenever you create a webisode, be sure to focus on the core niche and do further work on it accordingly. But do not forget to be consistent!

Final Words

Hope, this article has provided the best information regarding increasing the traffic to your website. Then, you can read out more details about the website traffic system that are literally important and then each detail of maintaining your website.

So, read out the article carefully and make sure to follow up the instructions then get the complete system on increasing the traffic to the website. It is way better on creating the business and it follows to make the website in perfect way and get you on generating the revenues.

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