Anxiety can be dangerous for your heart here’s how

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Anxiety is one of the major concerns in today’s world. The majority of the people suffer from various levels of anxiety. In some, it is low while in others it is so high that it poses a real danger to other health-related diseases.

In most cases, anxiety is also ignored as it does have any major symptoms in our body. It affects the mind gradually taking control of your thoughts, actions, and emotions until it becomes a serious health issue and has other diseases.

There are as such no treatments for anxiety as well. There are many rehabilitation programs conducted by health clinics and psychiatrists where drug rehab massachusetts doctors try to change the lifestyle of people suffering from anxiety. Also, there are various ayurvedic methods that rely on exercises and various therapies like acupuncture therapy for treating your anxiety.

People may suffer from anxiety due to various reasons. Some of the common reasons are loss of someone very close, financial crisis, family problems, other pre-existing diseases, fear of the future, job loss, loss in business, career-related thoughts, etc.

Anxiety can also directly affect one of the major organs in our body the heart. People suffering from heart diseases are more prone to various types of heart diseases. Suffering from anxiety also delays the recovery of heart diseases.

The effects of anxiety on the heart

When you are suffering from anxiety your body reacts in a way that puts more strain on the heart. Anxiety can play a major role in the following heart diseases.

  • Rapid heart rate- It is a cardiac disorder where the heart beats faster than normal. It significantly increases the chances of a heart attack. It is also known as tachycardia.
  • Increase in blood pressure- Here the blood pressure increases due to anxiety. The increased blood pressure may cause damage to the arteries and veins and also put extra pressure on the heart for pumping. It also increases the chances of heart failure and also leads to the weakening of the heart muscles.
  • Irregular heartbeat- Here the heart does not beat in a continuous pattern. It could lead to a heart attack as the heart does not beat in a rhythmic manner.

Anxiety and recovery from a heart attack

When you are suffering from anxiety fear and uncertainty for any event in the future comes naturally to you. It may make you behave abnormally and thus you may not follow the advice and maintain the treatment plan as suggested by the doctor. Anxiety can have many problems like-

  • It may happen that you forget taking your medicine on time due to anxiety.
  • You do not take the prescribed medications and buy them on your own due to your abnormal behavior.
  • You do not follow the diet as prescribed by the doctor
  • Due to suffering from anxiety you frequently wake up at night during sleep and thus your sleep very less.
  • Your behavior changes as you become more short-tempered and rude in nature. You do not meet with your friends and family.
  • You do not take the responsibility of your kids and your family.

Types of anxiety disorder

Anxiety disorder can be classified into different categories. They are-

Panic disorder

It is very similar to having a heart attack and the symptoms of panic disorder are also very similar to having a heart attack. It is accompanied by dizziness, shortness of breath, chest pains, etc.

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

It is caused due to a highly shocking and frightening experience which can be a severe heart attack. If you are suffering from PTSD you remain frightened due to that accident and even avoid anything associated with the incident like going by car or going to that place where you had a heart attack. You remain mostly shy and alone and do not talk to anyone.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder

Here people are obsessed with unreasonable and unjustifiable fear and thoughts and do the same actions again and again. It seems as if they are somewhat lunatic and abnormal.

Treatment of anxiety

It is important to identify between anxiety and the severe type where it can be categorized as a disorder. People have stress and tension every day. That does not mean that they are suffering from an anxiety disorder. Only when they start to take control of your mind, thoughts, actions, and emotions it can be classified as a disorder.  You have to questions your inner self-Do I react or behave or think like this? If the answer is no it is possible that you are suffering from a mental anxiety disorder. It is better to go to a psychiatrist who can suggest ways for suitable treatment.

Treatment for anxiety includes various therapies, medicines, or a combination of both.  You can use generic medications for anxiety treatment like Etizolam, Etilaam, Etizest, Etizex and many more. A common way of treating anxiety is known as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which includes-

  • Anxiety management

It involves the methods of dealing with anxiety by generally avoiding the future effects of an event. It includes relaxation exercises, yoga, acupuncture therapy, etc. It basically makes the patients change their lifestyle in a better way and any outside exposure is generally avoided.

  • Cognitive restructuring

It involves changing the thought process of the patient. Doctors would advise patients on how to take control of their thoughts and keeping patience. They also make the patient’s thinking more justified and rational by making them think more logically and step-by-step.

  • Exposure therapy

It exposes the patients to the real-life circumstances that would cause anxiety. This treatment is successful when the patient is able to deal with the situation and manage it effectively.  E.g. Fear of going to high altitude places, standing in a dark room, etc.

Final Words

Anxiety can cause heart diseases. It can also delay the recovery process of heart diseases. Anxiety is one of the common concerns these days. It is important to go for a treatment and stick to the routine as treating anxiety could take several years to fully cure.

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