An Ultimate Guide To Staying Safe While Gaming Online

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The rising popularity of online gaming in the modern era isn’t hidden. From kids to adults, online games have been a great source of entertainment, education, and relaxation. In the UK, a new gamer plays for 13.8 hours each week on average.

However, it seems lately that the gaming system that appears to be amusing can also pose a great threat. Hackers and scammers are taking advantage of high traffic on online gaming portals to make a profit on the dark web.

What’s riskier is that you may not know whom you’re talking to while playing the online game (unless you’re using a webcam!). Of course, the cybersecurity division plays its part in protecting critical systems and sensitive information; you should, too, take charge of your safety while playing online.

Here is our guide to having an entertaining and safe experience each time you log on to your virtual world of choice.

Understand The Risks

Before you do something to protect your online gaming accounts, it’s important to understand the potential dangers you may face.


  • Scammers and predators may pretend to be genuine by sharing tips on how to win or earn rewards and points.
  • Some gamers may bully or harass players with bad language and cheating.
  • Good downloads may carry a bad virus, spam, or malicious software, especially if you download the game from non-reputable sites.

Game Security Tips

Follow these essential tips to eliminate or at least reduce the risks associated with online gaming:


  • Download With Caution

Most online gaming experiences now use open-source software. Though they have revolutionised the gaming industry, they come with risks, including security tradeoffs and malware installation. To steer clear of the same, you should avoid downloading unofficial cheats from unknown sources.

Developers spend a great deal of time creating fun games, so make sure you only download official upgrades or levels.


  • Do Not Share Personal Information

It is critical to protect your personal information when interacting with other gamers. Do not use your real name or birth date, as this may give predators enough information to contact you out in the real world. Besides, refrain from sharing personal details relating to your contact number, place of birth, or places you visit.

Money laundering is another threat linked to online games. In the UK, the second-highest amount of money is laundered each year, mainly due to technological advancement.  It is strictly suggested not to reveal credit card or bank details, especially when playing live games, such as casino, E-sports, etc.


  • Edit Your Privacy Settings

While it’s great to connect and socialise with strangers via games, it can pose a great threat, as you may never know their real motive or intention. Given that, it’s better to be on alert when a stranger sends you a friend request. The right way is to customise your privacy settings to make your profile invisible to them.

  • Set Strong Password

When creating a password for your gaming account, you need to decide on a strong combination that is hard to crack or hack. A strong password is the *one* that is long, containing both lower and upper-case letters in combination with symbols and numbers.

In addition, make sure you do not add your name or other personal info to your password. The stronger the password, the tougher it is for hackers to attack your gaming account!

The End?

Online gaming is meant to be fun and enjoyable. You should not let people with malicious intent ruin your gaming experience or act as obstacles to your entertainment. All you need is to be a bit smart and take the necessary steps (as mentioned above) to improve your online gaming experience.

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  1. Yeah, I agree with you every gamer must follow these rules because nowadays gamers are getting scammed because they share their personal information with them so don’t share your personal information with them it will save you from getting scammed and make sure you make a strong password that no one can crack it.

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