Amazing Facts About Slate Kitchen Worktops

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The kitchen is one of the most challenging areas of the house to decorate. Countertops are quite expensive, but they are also the permanent aspect of your kitchen. When selecting the right kitchen worktop, you are bound to get confused by the tons of options available. It would help if you had a worktop that is easy to clean and complements your kitchen profile well. While it may not be as popular as granite and marble, slate holds numerous properties that make it an ideal choice for your kitchen. In this article, we are telling you why you should invest in the slate kitchen worktop.


What is Slate?

Slate is a versatile material used for roofing, gravestones, flooring, billiard tables, stepping stones, etc. Slate is a famous metamorphic rock that is created from volcanic ash and sedimentary clay, making it a natural stone just like marbles or granite. Additionally, it in planes or layers and that is where it gets its cleft texture. Primarily slates are sourced from Brazil, Spain, China, United Kingdom, United States, and Africa.


Benefits of Using Slate Kitchen Worktops

Following are the impressive benefits of slate kitchen worktops:

Impressive Durability

While it is not bulky as granite, it is a notably durable material used at the roofing of many churches in Germany. It does not get damaged by fire and can easily withstand the strikes by massive objects. Until and unless you use hammer or chisel to damage, your slate worktop will serve you for years to come.

Highly Waterproof

Like we mentioned above, slate is used in many Lutheran and Catholic churches in Germany. These magnificent roofs are constructed using slate tiles, providing a sturdy and beautiful effect. Moreover, these slates are used in some regions that experience heavy rainfall. Slate is highly waterproof, thereby considered ideal for dealing with surfaces that are prone to get wet. However, you to buy a granite sealer to cover the slate to protect the stone from damage.

Looks Extremely Stylish

Slate has a dark and veiny texture that makes it an ideal aspect of contemporary kitchen design. The material works perfectly well when you are looking to add a rustic look to your kitchen, and you already have slate flooring. If you have a wall, painted with light colours you can add character to your kitchen by installing slate kitchen worktops. There are different ways in which this worktop would work for your kitchen.

Very Easy to Maintain

When it comes to selecting kitchen worktops, one of the main factors that we all consider is how easy it is to clean and maintain. The final step of the installation of a slate kitchen worktop is applying a layer of sealant. That is why it is essential to hire a professional to do the job. The coating makes it easier for you to clean the slate and make it look as new as ever. Additionally, you can easily use granite clear, or sealer specially made to clean natural-stone surfaces.


You can avail of the impressive benefits that slate has to offer at competitive prices. Granite and marble come at quite expensive price tags. So if you are looking for a stylish, durable, and functional option, slate kitchen worktops can be perfect for you. There are different types available in various patterns and designs. So, irrespective of the kind of kitchen you have, you will find the right slate for the worktop.


It would help if you were a little cautious with slate because it can be a bit sharp. Professionals often recommend users to get the corners rounded off so that they can avoid any injuries or cracks on the worktop. If you have yet not considered this option, above are the reasons to do the same. It is becoming prevalent among homeowners around the world, and you can get it quickly installed. Similar to every other material, there will be good and bad aspects to slate as well, and you have to carefully assess each one of them to decide whether or not this material works for your kitchen.

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  1. Thank you very much for your post! I was hesitating about getting it for my new house in London. You finally convinced me! I have seen some nice slate worktops at MKW Surfaces. I especially enjoyed the black slate satinato, very elegant. Let’s see how it looks like.

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