Accom Lord Howe Island

Accom Lord Howe Island

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Planning to visit Australia for your next holiday with your friends and family members? In that case, do not miss visiting Lord Howe Island. The island is a sheer paradise to put it in simple terms. Located in the middle of New Zealand and Australia, this is a small-sized island that is characterized by subtropical forests, sandy beaches, and clear waters. There are some lovely coral reefs surrounding this island that can surely take your breath away.

Due to the sheer beauty of the island and the surroundings, Lord Howe Island has been able to successfully attract tourists from different parts of the globe every year. It has several types of accommodations that are suitable for tourists of different types. While visiting the island, make sure to enjoy the spectacular surroundings, experience some of the best hikes, hand-feeding the fishes, and snorkeling on the different coral reefs.

Accommodation Options

As discussed above there are several Lord Howe island accommodation options available for you. In fact, there are 400 tourist beds on this island in different lodges and hotels. Thus, you need to plan your holiday to the island in advance. Here are some of the best accommodations that are available for you on Lord Howe Island.

Blue Lagoon Lodge

If you wish to find accommodation on Lord Howe Island that provides you all the holiday comforts that you may require, then Blue Lagoon Lodge is one of the best options for you. It has various modern and self-contained apartments, along with a tennis court for its guests. Blue Lagoon Lodge also has close access to various island facilities for tourists. You will also find a bakery and a general store right next to the property.

Each of the apartments has a private balcony that overlooks the subtropical gardens. The apartments are also equipped with various modern-day facilities such as microwave oven, refrigerator, electric frypan, and wireless broadband connectivity.

Arajilla Retreat

If you are looking for a premier lodging option, then Arajilla Retreat will be a good one for you. The property is located under a canopy of banyan trees and kentia palms. Arajilla Retreat is located towards the northern end of the island and just a few minutes from the Old Settlement Beach.

There are twelve wonderfully designed luxury suites for the guests, some of which come with two-bedroom options. You can easily experience the calmness of the retreat during your stay here, enjoy various island delights at the rather popular Arajilla Restaurant, and also feel rejuvenated and relaxed at the Arajilla Spa. It also happens to be one of its kind on the island.

When it comes to outdoor activities provided by the Arajilla Retreat, there are quite a few for you to enjoy. You can go out for a walk along deserted beaches, opt for a specialist yoga class, go out snorkeling, and swim through the lovely and picturesque lagoons, and go diving or fishing. You will find various types of activities that can keep you engaged and happy.

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