A Guide to Reducing Hip Pain

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The largest ball and socket joint in your body is your hip. It does a lot of work, and ensures you have smooth, pain-free movement, allowing you to sit, stand, and generally move around. However, over time, or because of injury or illness, your hip can become much stiffer, and that makes movement difficult. Not only does it affect your mobility, but it will cause pain too, which can lead to problems in other areas of your life; when you’re in pain it will be hard to be happy, to focus on work or your homelife, and to sleep well, for example. With that in mind, here are some of the things you can do to reduce joint pain in your hips.

  • Ice

Ice is a great way to reduce pain as it reduces inflammation, and it numbs the site somewhat too. Put some ice into a cloth and place it on the area where it hurts (never put ice directly on the skin). Depending on how you feel, you can choose how long you keep the ice there for.

  • Take A Hot Shower

Conversely, heat can also be a great way to reduce pain, and a hot shower is ideal. Don’t stay in the shower too long, but a short shower should help as your blood vessels will expand, blood can move more quickly, and that will take additional oxygen around the body. Improved circulation improves pain.

  • See An Expert

If you’re experiencing hip pain, the first thing you need to do is see an expert. You might start with a doctor who can diagnose whatever is causing the pain, and potentially prescribe medication or even suggest hip surgery.

Another useful person to visit would be a specialist in Physiotherapy Edinburgh. They will be able to help you improve your movement and reduce pain in that area by not only manipulating the joint to improve it, but also teaching you stretching techniques to try at home when the pain is particularly bad.

  • Try Water Exercises

Exercise can be a great way to help with hip pain. When you exercise, the body releases hormones that make you feel good, and that reduces pain. Plus, moving around eases the stiff joint and can improve pain and mobility that way.

The problem is that, when your hip is hurting, exercise is tricky. That’s why you should try water exercises. Whether you go swimming, take an aqua aerobic class, or anything else, it will help you get fit and reduce the pain in your hip.

  • Lose Weight

The hip has to carry all your body weight, and if it is damaged or failing in some way, one of the best ways to reduce pain is to lose weight. Even if you don’t have a hip problem as such, but they ache sometimes, losing weight will reduce this lesser pain too.

Not only will losing weight take pressure off your hips, but it will do the same for your knees, ankles, and spine, reducing pain throughout your body. Plus, losing weight is good for your heart and other organs, and it means you can be more active and enjoy more things in life. This might be one of the best things you can do for yourself whether you suffer from hip pain or not.

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