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7 Unique Gifts for any occasion

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There are many ways to convey your emotions to a loved one. You can have their back when they are in trouble, or hang out with them when they need somebody to talk to.

Another touching way to express your love is to say it with a gift.

A gift to appreciate a person, and a gift to let them know that you think about them.

Be it an anniversary, birthday, wedding ceremony, or even a small “I love you” that you wish to say, gifts never go out of style.

But finding a new gift for every occasion can be daunting.

Here is a list of seven unique gifts that you can give anybody on any occasion.

Scroll to find some cool ideas below.

1) A Custom Handmade Painting

What’s the purpose of a gift if it doesn’t strengthen your bond with your loved one?

There are thousands of gifts that you can give, but if you want to stand out, we have the right one for you.

A custom handmade portrait!

You must have heard that a painting is worth a thousand words, and that’s true.

A portrait beautifully captures the true essence that a camera can never.

If you’re wondering where you can get a custom handmade portrait.

PortraitFlip is one of the most reputed custom painting services that can turn your photos into paintings.

All you need to do is head to their website, upload your loved one’s photo, customize your order and wait until the handmade painting is delivered to your doorsteps with no shipping charges whatsoever.

A custom handmade painting will not only deepen your bond, but it will also make your loved one happy every time they look at the portrait.

2) Tiny Table Fan

Who wouldn’t appreciate a cool tiny table fan?

These small table fans have a powerful motor which is perfect for keeping anyone cool (even during the summers).

They run on rechargeable batteries that last for hours and can be charged through a USB. You can also plug them into a power bank.

These compact fans are portable and your friends can keep them on their study table or can clip them anywhere with the detachable stand.

Child-friendly as it is, the blades are protected with a plastic shield.

What’s more?

They are absolutely inexpensive!

Just spend a few bucks and you’ll have a unique gift delivered to their house.

3) A wristwatch

A wristwatch is a classy gift for any occasion and can be given to anyone including guys or girls.

It is a great accessory to level up the style, but you need to know the liking of your loved one before ordering a wristwatch.

You can also get a smartwatch that can be connected to the phone, allowing easy access to notifications.

If your friend or family member is fond of timeliness, giving them a wristwatch will make them more punctual.

Wearing a watch also minimizes the distraction because you don’t have to constantly check your phone (the mother of all distractions)  for the time.

Adding a watch to attire also makes a person feel more responsible at work.

4) Weighted Blankets

The regular blankets are good for cold temperatures, but the real comfort is in sleeping under weighted blankets.

Wrapping up in these blankets feels like a “hug”.

But they can do more than just keeping you cozy.

Weighted blankets help to reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, ADHD, and sleep disorders.

As thoughtful as a gift can be, this would help take away the mental pressure from your loved ones.

These blankets can help calm people with autism. So if you know anyone who has autism, you know how to keep them tranquil.

Apart from that, weighted blankets can help you sleep better which is a most needed amenity in today’s fast-paced world.

5) Cool USB Flash Drive

No matter what your profession is, you own at least one flash drive.

Can be to transfer files or to just keep a backup of important documents!

A flash drive is a must-needed gadget and that’s why giving those to your loved ones can be a great gift.

Of course, you can settle with regular flash drives, but being creative can be an advantage.

The Internet is filled with cool things and you can get anything from a superhero to a fruit-shaped flash drive.

You can even get a custom card flash drive that looks exactly like a business card.

6) Custom Neon Sign

Have you ever seen those neon signs at parties and think how beautiful they look?

Worry not, you can get those for home too.

Neon light can be a great addition to the home decor, but a Custom Neon Sign will be an awesome way to lift the vibe of your loved one.

You can make a custom neon sign with their name, or put a message or a symbol, or can come up with some artistic design.

They come in a variety of colors and sizes and can even be placed at desks.

Gift your loved one a custom neon sign and they will be mesmerized by the look it gives to the room.

7) Bluetooth Speaker

Who doesn’t listen to music?

A Bluetooth Speaker is an awesome gadget for anyone.

It is portable, has hours-long power backup, and is loud – just for the times when you want your music at full volume.

These devices allow ease of connectivity and superior sound quality even when you’re outdoor.

The musical instruments sound much more real on a Bluetooth speaker than on a phone.

Make your friend feel the rhythm with a Bluetooth speaker!

You can even get custom Bluetooth speakers in varying sizes and shapes that are fit for anyone on any occasion.

These were our top picks for 7 unique gifts for any occasion.

Among them, our personal favorite remains a Custom Handmade Painting. It is unique, fresh, and your dear one will hang it on the wall with pride.

Best thing? It can be ordered online in the comfort of your couch.

Happy shopping!

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